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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twilight article in Best Sex Writing 2010 highlighted

Great early press for Christine Seifert's article "Bite Me! (Or Don't)" which I republished from Bitch in Best Sex Writing 2010 from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. It's a big cupcake city so maybe I should look into a reading there. (Yes, I know they spelled my name wrong.)

With teenage girls and middle-aged women alike waiting with bated breath for the premiere of New Moon this week, the announcement of Christy Seifert’s inclusion in Best Sex Writing 2010 couldn’t come at a better time. Not only has her article Bite Me! (Or Don’t) won her national acclaim, but it has elevated her as an expert on the ever-popular young adult book series known as Twilight.

Being recognized as one of the year’s best sex writers wasn’t exactly what this Westminster associate professor of communications had in mind when she wrote the article since it actually explores the sexiness of not having sex. Her piece delves into an analysis of a new sub-genre she coins “abstinence porn,” which is becoming increasing popular.

“The Twilight series has created a surprising new sub-genre of teen romance: It’s abstinence porn, sensational, erotic, and titillating,” said Seifert. “And in light of all the recent real-world attention on abstinence-only education, it’s surprising how successful this new genre is. Twilight actually convinces us that self-denial is hot.”

It’s this discussion of self-denial, as well as Edward and Bella’s abstinence from sex and biting that peaked Rachel Kramer Bussell’s attention when she decided to include Seifert in her newest anthology: Best Sex Writing 2010. Bussell describes the 25 authors included in her 2010 book as “sexual outlaws” – those who have inspired her to think about sex in a new way and not to accept the norms.

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At November 21, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post, Rachel. I was on NBC Nightly News last night (blink and you'll miss me); it may air on The Today Show on Monday. (Interestingly, nobody wants to talk about sex or porn!) Anyway, if you decide to come to SLC, that would be very cool. Thanks for including me in the book.

Christy Seifert


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