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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"How Male Bisexuality Got Cool" - my first The Daily Beast piece!

I'm very excited because I just wrote my first piece for Tina Brown's site The Daily Beast, called "How Male Bisexuality Got Cool." I'd love it if you'd check it out, let people know, comment there, etc. Thanks!

There is obviously a lot more to the topic, but I couldn't fit everything ever into my article. I hope to work on a book proposal about sexuality this year, I was doing a little of it last year, so these are some of the topics I want to look at. I was also inspired by the (admittedly few) times readers said that I glorified female bisexuality, but mostly by what I've been seeing around me and in pop culture.

Many thanks to my editor Will Doig for believing in my idea and doing a great job editing and pushing me to clarify things, and to Emily Farris for the referral (make sure you check out her ode to the casserole as the ultimate recession food too).

That's part of why I love the site and do read it every day. They have Tracy Quan and Susannah Breslin writing for them, as well as Meghan McCain and a fascinating mix of people. And an interview with Tori Spelling!

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