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Monday, February 02, 2009

How to insert sex-negativity into your New York Times blog post about sobriety

I am working on a response to this for the Huffington Post, but wanted to share the way sex-negativity, and a view of sex that acts like we all think the same, can so easily weave its way into what was an otherwise interesting piece. Oh, and this? Is why we need more women and men writing about sex!

"Acts of Faith," Jim Atkinson, New York Times Proof blog

But our condition continues to be almost pointedly misunderstood by many in what I call the “social drinking majority.” I have pondered the reasons for this pretty much every day for the 16 years that I have been sober, and am still mystified by it. As a rule, Americans tend to be very indulgent of overindulgence. We give a lot of lip service to “eating right,” but that hasn’t stopped two thirds of us from becoming overweight. We still make a lot of noise about being a sexually responsible and moral people, but we continue to have a 50 percent divorce rate and support a multi-billion dollar pornography industry.

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