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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I heart The Greenpoint Chess Club

Last night was my third time attending, and while I realized that I still don't handle losing very well, I'm really into this meetup. It's a pretty small group (I think around 15 people each time) and it's in the back of this little hipster bar, Bar Matchless, across the street from Enid's. The players are really good (as I said, I've been getting my ass kicked) but it's also a fun, social environment, and Tuesdays are a good day for my schedule.

I played so much chess as a teenager that I really got sick of it. I used to go to tournaments all the time, our apartment was full of trophies. I traveled a bit, to Salt Lake City (I think?) and to Brazil when I was 15. I guess writing has become my new obsession and also I'm a much better writer than I ever was chess player, but the point is, it's nice to play in a relaxed, social non-hyper-competitive environment.

So if you play chess and live in Williamsburg/Greenpoint or feel like traveling on the G train, come join us.

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