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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Susie Bright interviewed me about bukkake and more

That got your attention, right?

Well, the brilliant and talented Susie Bright interviewed me about my story "A First Time for Everything" in her new hardcover anthology (a perfect holiday gift!) X: The Erotic Treasury. Oh, and in case you forgot, MARK YOUR CALENDARS - Susie and a bunch of other contributors are reading January 15th, 8-10 pm at In The Flesh Reading Series. I'll have the full lineup very soon. (Sadly, Marcelle Manhattan, who immortalized In The Flesh in X, can't make it. I just may read her story instead of mine if she's okay with that! Or perhaps have someone else read it who can do it justice.)

X: The Erotic Treasury edited by Susie Bright

Here's a snippet, and you can read the rest in her PDF of interviews with other X authors.

Tell me how you would cast the film version of your story that we're publishing in "X"... just for fun!

Oh wow! I hadn’t thought about that. Maybe Angelina Jolie? Well, my original instinct would be to go for somebody with a kindof wild image, but maybe it’d be fun to go with someone more “wholesome” looking. Anna Faris? I probably only say that cause I think she’s really cute. The truth is…as for me, I doubt I’d want to see the film version of my story. I’m fascinated by bukkake but don’t have much desire to watch it on film. Maybe that’s my secret inner prude.

How did you first get the idea that a Bukkake party could be a girl-centric notion instead of the "degrading-how-could-you" version that we usually see in the porn movie world and among its critics? How many guys do you think are actually comfortable in group jerk off situation? I don't think it's as much a part of "every boy's life" as the erotic imagination ahs led us to believe.

I’m not sure how the idea first came to me, but I really like switching things around, like I just wrote a story about a rape fantasy, where a woman wants to try it with her boyfriend…but it’s from his point of view, and they do it. I like to make my characters (and myself, to some extent) unnerved, thrown off course. In this story, the protagonist thinks she’s so blasé and over everything about sex, but she still has this one big fantasy, and to some extent, is nervous about it. I like the idea that she’s orchestrating it all, but there are still some elements she can’t orchestrate.

Okay, maybe I lied a little because, while I highly doubt I would ever live it out, I’m kindof fascinated by bukkake and have a bit of a fantasy about it myself. It’s kindof like, given free reign, what would I do? I think the story asks whether something like bukkake is inherently degrading. Probably not for her, but a little bit for the guys in the story. They’re just parts of a whole, the whole being a series of cocks.

I think a lot of guys act like they’d be into anything and everything, but the reality is much more complicated. Even the idea that straight guys all want threesomes with two girls and to get blowjobs, well, I’ve been with guys who weren’t into those things at all, were in fact turned off by them. We don’t give straight guys, especially, enough credit, in my opinion for having as active erotic imaginations and fantasies as women. We kindof assume that they see breasts or ass or pussy and are instantly horny, and to me, that’s pretty demeaning and just not realistic.

I’m sure that for most people who are into watching bukkake porn or thinking about it, the idea of it is enough for them. Yes, some people are into doing it, but I would imagine that making the reality live up to the fantasy is a tough challenge. Kudos to those who can do it; for me, I like having it as a fantasy. There are lots of things that I fantasize about that I doubt I’d ever do, or maybe only if the stars were aligned just so. I like fiction because I can make those stars align.

You can read all the interviews in handy PDF form.

And as a little bonus for you, here's the first part of my (fictional, people!) story:

A First Time for Everything
by Rachel Kramer Bussel

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Billy asked me.

“As sure as I’ll ever be,” I said, feeling surer even as the words came out of my mouth. After all, what kind of a tease would I be if I backed out of the bukkake party I’d organized myself?

It all started with truth or dare. I’m a wordy girl and will always pick truth over dare, even though I consider myself pretty gutsy. But without truth, without words, without syllables spilling out into sentences, dares don’t make any sense; they’re just reckless actions of the sort performed by drunk boys in late-night racecars, rather than the magnificent grace of a tightrope walker or bungee jumper. I want to be the daredevil superhero girl of sex, boldly going where few, if any, of my peers have gone before. If I go with a dare, it’s of my own making, one that really does push me right up to my limits, not just where an envious partygoer would like to see me go.

The truth is, I’m a thrill-seeker. I’m the girl who’s been there, done that, and gone on to relish telling the story over and over again. I’ve had sex with men and women, in groups, in public, in dungeons. I’ve had all manner of sex toys, real and improvised, shoved into my pussy. I’ve been fucked underwater and spanked on camera. I’ve said yes to things simply to shock other people. I’ve used a violet wand and a Magic Wand and a TENS Unit. I’ve had all my toes shoved into a greedy bottom’s mouth, and I’ve sucked two cocks at once. I’ve made a girl profess her love to me the first night I met her, all because of the way I wielded my fist. I’m only 24, but let’s just say, I get around. I prefer being single because it gives me room to play the field without worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings. I like coming home at six a.m. once in a while, doing the quick two-hour catnap, shower, and change, using the memory of the night before to fuel me when the lack of sleep threatens to kick in. I’m the one my friends call on for advice, even referring me around to curious but shy friends: “Oh, call Caitlin, she’ll know.” Yes, that’s me, the girl’s who’s done just about everything (and everyone), whose little black book is actually a massive journal scrawled with names and stories and phone numbers and Polaroids, a glorious jumble of limbs and cocks and breasts and lips, ones I’ve never sought to try to untangle into a neat, tidy chronological history.

Sex has always been the starting point, never the end, to any inquiry about who I am. It’s the gateway drug to, well, more sex, to finding out more about how I operate, what buttons I like having pushed and which I set permanently to caution. This utterly carnal lifestyle is balanced by the hoursdaysweeksyears worth of fantasies that must jumble together until I’m compelled to act. I’m not just an ethical slut, I’m a thoughtful one, too. The time I spend thinking about sex, pondering its every nuance and possibility, far exceeds the time I spend engaging in it, and I’m perfectly happy with that uneven ratio.

So when Sally asked me what my deepest, dirtiest, darkest fantasy was during what had, up til that point, been a rather tepid game of truth or dare (bra size and taking one big bite of everything in the refrigerator amongst the highlights), I told her—and the whole room. “I want to do bukkake. I mean, be on the receiving end. I want to be lying naked on the floor and see a circle of cocks, all pointing at me. I want a round of boys to want me so badly they’ll get naked in front of each other, press their dicks up in my face, while I beg them to come all over me. I want them to take turns shoving their cocks down my throat, slapping them against my lips, rubbing them on my skin, in my hair, doing whatever the hell they please. Maybe I’ll be tied up, though then that would deprive me of the pleasure of giving two handjobs at once. I don’t know exactly how it would work, but it’s been a mainstay of my fantasy life for years.” I paused...

Read the rest in X: The Erotic Treasury.

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