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Thursday, September 22, 2016

What it's like to have a sneezing fetish

My latest interview for is with a woman who has a sneezing fetish. She offered an insightful look into a sexual phenomenon we don't hear about too often, and I found it fascinating.


I'm also looking for more women to talk to about sex and dating (you can of course be anonymous, as the fetishist and almost all my interviewees have been) for this sexuality interview series. I want to hear from women with unusual/off the beaten path fetishes or sexual practices or dating/relationship structures, or who've been through particular dating drama, like this San Francisco woman on dating tech guys who have a Peter Pan complex (and because I know someone will ask, I'm focusing on women because Elle is a women's magazine, but I of course think people of all genders have just as fascinating sex lives). Email me at ellesexstories at gmail dot com if you fit the bill and are interested in talking; the interviews take about half an hour and feel free to pass that on to anyone you know who might be a good match.

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