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Friday, December 11, 2015

What my most recent students from my LitReactor erotica writing class said about it

Updated December 14th
I'm excited about my next LitReactor erotica writing class, which will run from February 11th to March 10th, 2016, because each class provides new opportunities for growth and learning, my own and my students'. Teaching it requires me to keep up with what editors, publishers and agents are looking for right now, which in turn has led me to wonderful authors and opportunities I wouldn't have known about otherwise. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about the class (just email me at rachelkb at gmail dot com with "LitReactor" in the subject line), but I also think it's valuable to hear from actual students. I can tell you that in addition to the weekly written lectures (detailed here) and weekly writing assignments and critiques, I also offer over a dozen exclusive to the class Q&As with publishers, editors, literary agents and authors, as well as additional resources related to pseudonyms, author branding, finding your voice, joining the erotica writing community, incorporating sex in the news and more. There are some blurbs on the LitReactor website and in this older blog post. Additionally, here are two things students from my most recent LitReactor class, which ended this month, said:
"I will apply what I learned in 'Between the Sheets' to create stories that arouse and connect. With Rachel’s detailed ‘how to’ writing instructions, I completed six stories. My final product is tailored to a specific call for submission and ready to go. Rachel eased this newbie erotic writer into her world providing a comfortable environment to explore sexual ideas creatively. She gave me what I wanted even when I did not know what that was. I’m headed down a new path. Take her, it’s worth it." Donna Jennings
"I gained the confidence to just be fearless on the page." Z
"Rachel has been incredibly generous in giving us students insights into the world of erotica writing with tons of useful information and helping us hone our writing abilities through her homework assignments and on point corrections for them." Ruby McLovelin
I do strongly encourage my students to send their work out to publishers, not only because I want them to see their words published, but also because I believe it's a good process to go through, to craft a full story specifically catered toward a given call, but with their own unique spin on it. I'm spending the weeks until February 11th adding to the class's offerings to make it as timely and relevant as I can. Reminder: the registration price will go up on January 1st by $25, so if you are interested in the class, save money and register in 2015.


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