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Friday, August 07, 2015

What my LitReactor students are saying about my erotica writing class

I'm now back from Thailand and fully immersing myself in preparing for my 4-week LitReactor erotica writing class that starts next week. I add new information and interviews each time in order to improve the class, which I'm working on now, but can tell you that some of the interviews are with erotica writer Tiffany Reisz, author of The Original Sinners series, and Cecilia Tan, multi-published erotica and erotic romance author and founder of Circlet Press. While submitting your work is not a requirement of the class, it's something I strongly encourage students to do (stay tuned for a more in depth post about why I construct the class that way - as you can see below, it does work).


The official description is at the link above, and students also get access to my private Facebook group for alumni of my classes to continue the conversations, share bylines and ask questions of me and fellow students.

But rather than just me telling you about the class, I wanted to share with you what students from the last three sold out classes have said. It makes me so happy that they've enjoyed it and are finding success in the genre. Questions? Email me at rachelkb at with "LitReactor" in the subject line.
By Sam Thorne:

"Rachel’s class Between the Sheets was a combination success for me. I attended the four-week course in May this year and it bought three benefits. Firstly, the challenge of writing to deadline on themes outside my comfort zone, and getting pretty good feedback from her and my peers nonetheless. Secondly, the contacts and sheer amount of information you get from this class. Finally, the companionship you get from others on the same course, and the very solid advice they can offer as readers.

Six weeks after class ended, I had a short story I’d written accepted in an anthology. I’d written it entirely on the back of one of the four weekly challenges raised during the course and was delighted to see it accepted for inclusion. This course is fun, sociable, and invaluably educating.

This review comes from a professional editor, who can see the naked value of this course for the stories being poured into the erotica market."
By Skye Leroux, former LitReactor student:

"Being part of Rachel's Between the Sheets class was one of the most valuable experiences I've had as a writer. I learned a tremendous amount about creating rich characters and constructing stories that readers will want to read—important skills for attracting and building an audience for my writing. I also got focused feedback from Rachel and other classmates that helped me to look at areas for improvement, while at the same time receiving great support and encouragement. The interviews with writers and publishers were insightful, as were the discussions of getting work into publication. Regardless of your personal skill level as a writer, you will absolutely learn and grow in this class. I can't recommend it enough."
By Dorothy Freed, former LitReactor student, and former teacher:

"Teaching is an art and Rachel Kramer Bussel's got it! Her Between the Sheets erotic writing class is informative and enjoyable. Well worth the investment of time and money."
By LN Bey:

"I have no doubt that I am a better writer for taking Rachel’s class—not just a better writer of erotica, but a better writer overall. I initially enrolled primarily for information about the erotica publishing industry. And she provided lots of that, including interviews with publishers and more established writers.

But it was the writing experience itself that was the most beneficial. The lessons themselves were informative and very helpful, and perhaps the most useful thing of all was the discipline of having to conceive, write, and revise a story each week based on those lessons. The assignments forced me to focus—and fast, and I am all the better for it.

As with any learning process, the more you put in, the more you get out of it—and reading the other students’ stories, besides being simple fun (there were some great writers in the class!), compelled me to think more deeply about my own storytelling logic as I analyzed and commented on theirs. It was also fun to get to know these writers, many of whom I am staying in touch with.

Not only was it an enjoyable and transformative experience, but I wrote one story which was accepted into an erotica anthology, and two more that I definitely feel are publishable. I have come out of Rachel’s class a more confident, knowledgeable, and disciplined writer than I was before."
By Roz Brinker:

"Rachel's class was a big confidence booster for those of us writing about often-personal topics. I went in thinking 'maybe I'll publish something someday,' and left knowing where I could start right away."
By Ashton Peal:

"Rachel's class was a supportive, sage and overall fun place to push myself and explore. Moreover, her knowledge of the erotica market is just as valuable as her insight into the craft of writing itself."
By Jessica Taylor

"Rachel Kramer Bussel provides excellent instruction in the art of writing erotica. Her class, Between the Sheets, is hands on and invites you to widen your senses, emotions, and your perceptions of the erotica genre. You will produce at the very least 4000 words of erotica in this class, and if you work hard you could even write the basis for four complete stories in this one month class. Excellent lectures that included story excerpts are provided to help you with each of your writing assignments. Rachel provides thoughtful line-by-line feedback on each of the stories or scenes that you write. The class appropriately ends with the production of a story directed toward a current call-for-submission.

In addition to the writing that I did, my favorite part of the class was the question & answer sessions that Rachel coordinated between students and published authors. Many of the questions that I had regarding publishing in the erotica field (traditional vs. self-publishing, agent vs. no agent, etc) were addressed through this mechanism of interaction with successful authors.

I don't think you could have a more experienced, better connected, or more successful author for an erotica writing class than Rachel Kramer Bussel. If you're interested in this genre in any way, I highly encourage you to continue your journey under the tutelage of this talented and friendly teacher. Her instruction has guided me towards two erotica publications so far. Her methods work!"

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