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Friday, July 03, 2015

The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories is just $1.99 on Kindle!

Happy 4th of July (okay, 3rd) - I just found out that my erotica anthology The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories is just $1.99 on Kindle! I don't know how long the sale will last but probably for a week, so download it now. FYI if you've read Flying High then skip this one as they are the same (it got reissued under a new title), or give it as a gift. I love this book and will be downloading it to reread when I fly on Monday!


Funny but true: I wrote "Urgent Message" right around when wifi on planes was new and only offered by a handful of airlines. Now it's become much more commonplace. I don't think that affects the quality of the story, about a plane passenger sending and receiving dirty emails with a partner who's on land, but it does show you how fast these aspects of technology change.

Here's the Table of Contents:

Introduction: Flying High

34B by Bill Kte’pi
Instrument Flight Rules by Zach Lindley
A Brief Respite by Desiree
Get On, Get Off by Jeremy Edwards
The Scream Queen by Sommer Marsden
Wild Child by Matt Conklin
Bermuda Triangle by Vanessa Vaughn
Top Banana by Craig J. Sorensen
Nasty Little Habit by Donna George Storey
Urgent Message by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Obedient by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Aisle Seat by Stan Kent
Game in the Sky by Elizabeth Coldwell
When Your Girlfriend Wears a Very Short Skirt by Thomas S. Roche
Planes, Trains and Banana-Seat Bicycles by Alison Tyler
Flights of Fancy by Geneva King
The Girl Most Likely by Kristina Wright
Bert and Betty by Ryan Field
Wing Walker by Cheyenne Blue

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