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Sunday, November 24, 2013

My book is on PostSecret and Amazon's most gifted erotica book list!

The good news keeps pouring in for the best book I've ever edited, The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories! I've been honored and thrilled that the book is making such a connection with readers and am looking forward to our January 3rd reading at The Museum of Sex as part of Between the Covers. I got an email last night that someone took the book's postcard, wrote some kickass news on it, and sent it to PostSecret! I hope that all erotica writers can do what they love for a living, and that all my The Big Book of Orgasms contributors have smashing success in their writing careers. Thank you, fairy book mother or father, for helping this little book reach a whole new audience. You made my weekend!


I also saw that The Big Book of Orgasms is the 26th most gifted erotica book on Amazon, right behind mega blockbuster Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James. Go us!

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Speaking of Amazon, here's what some reviewers are saying, such as DeDe Deylnn, who you can read more of on her blog:
So many steamy scenes happen and this book has opened up my perspective on new places, scenarios, and perspectives on having a good orgasm. There are plenty of queer stories, by queer writer, included in this book that would make anyone very happy. Two of my favorites: a story about two men at a construction site and the other a dominate woman and a man playing with power, control, and orgasm denial. It's so hot. I totally suggest you check this book out.
And Alex:
Another great thing about this compilation is that the stories, while short, are long enough to get both the mind and the juices flowing. Explicit enough to intrigue and leave you wanting more without being blatant and overbearing. These stories are involved enough to spark discussion and desire.

One of my favorites is "Under the table," by Elizabeth Caldwell, which creates the setting for a hot fantasy about getting hot and bothered in a restaurant but leaves enough of the picture left for me to finish the scene on my own. Another is "The Massage," by Lady Cheeky, which gets a bit detailed as the author goes from anticipation to post-orgasm jelly... there are very few things, in this world, as great as either giving, or receiving, that kind of whole body, orgasm.

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