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Friday, July 12, 2013

15 more shows I'd like to see at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Since my initial post about 15 shows I wish I could see at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I've discovered the Edinburgh Fringe Festival iPhone app, which makes scrolling through show listings and getting showtimes incredibly easy. I find it far easier than the website (not that the website is wonky, but you can see more show options at once on the app). I've been starring my favorites and found lots more. I'm still working my pitch mojo on making this happen; if you know any publications that would be good for me to contact, or have other Fringe suggestions, let me know at rachelkb at I have also been tracking flights daily and it's interesting to see how they do and don't vary. Skyscanner, I heart you. Without further ado, here are 15 more shows I'd like to see. Wish me luck on making it happen!

A Glee Inspired: Romeo and Juliet

Lady Rizo - this one's cheating a bit, since I know she's an amazing performer, having seen her in New York and London. But a) I think it'd be cool to say I've seen her in 3 countries and b) I just love her live shows. But her recorded cover of "Welcome to the Jungle" on her album Confidential.Explicit rocks too.

Banksy: The Room in the Elephant - I love a play with a warning: "The material in this play may not all be true."

H to He (I'm Turning Into a Man)

Head Over Heels in Saudi Arabia - I probably wouldn't be in town for this as it starts August 11th, but it looks interesting


My Pregnant Brother - "With barely more than a piece of sidewalk chalk to set her stage, Nutter traces a portrait of a unique family. As she puts aside the role of family caretaker to live her own life, her transgender sibling prepares to bring a child into the world he is not sure he can parent alone." See also

Oh My Irma

Operation: A Love Story

Party Piece

Penny Dreadful

White's Lies

Why Is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt?

Wing It, Dusty


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