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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Feminist bookstore I want to move into: Book Woman in Austin

Really: just give me a cot and I'll give up the apartment I can't get home to anyway and move in to feminist bookstore Book Woman in Austin. It is amazing! I went there last night to see my friend Shanna Katz, sex educator and author of Oral Sex That'll Blow Her Mind, give a workshop about sexuality, complete with vulva puppet. She was hilarious and informative and in half an hour I learned a lot and had a lot to think about, like the compliment sandwich. My friend Kambri Crews is reading from her memoir Burn Down The Ground on Friday.

I saw that the Delicious Issue (shouldn't every publication have one?) of Curve is out with an article I wrote about Cupcake Royale owner Jody Hall. I discovered on their new books table two by Naomi Shihab Nye I'm coveting, plus Transfer which I'm already a fan of, and the memoir Not Quite Nirvana: A Skeptic's Journey to Mindfulness by Rachel Neuman, which I obviously need to read, not just because she shares my name. I discovered the very first anthology I was ever published in, back in 2000, Best Lesbian Erotica 2001. I was just in awe of the entire place and impressed that while feminist bookstores have come and gone, this one is around and thriving and putting on amazing events. They had a bunch of my erotica books and a healthy sexuality bookcase too! I'm loving it here so much that am half tempted to try to talk my guy into moving here. So yay Austin!

me with ten of my books (and Suite Encounters was on the shelf below)

Shanna Katz with vulva puppet

If you're in Brooklyn and can get out safely, BCakeNY in Prospect Heights is giving out free cupcakes from 5 to 6 today. I will be giving out free candy to trick or treaters at a friend's in Austin!

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