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Saturday, October 20, 2012

5 things I'm extremely grateful for this week

It's been a long week, and I'm now at JFK waiting for my flight to Houston, where I am going to hang out with two of my favorite kids, a friend, and relax before I head to Austin for a few days. I have lots to think about and consider that is not so great, but much to be grateful for. Chief among them (in chronological order):

1. My friend Hitha taking me as her guest to supper club City Grit, where we dined on all sorts of aphrodisiacs and had great conversation. Our chef was Sarah Simmons, who has caused a bit of political uproar with this Tweet about voting for Obama.

as seen in the women's bathroom at 38 Prince Street, NYC

2. My amazing boyfriend surprising me with a staycation at the Gansevoort Park Hotel - that might be my favorite date ever of ours, and we both needed a little luxury and indulgence.

in our room at the Gansevoort Park

3. Our delicious dinner at Resto - we'd done the lamb feast there and apparently that made my man kindof a rock star. The service was exellent and the kale salad is worth going there to eat on its own. Also: french fries, and from 5-6 during the week they are free with drinks during happy hour!

4. I bought a piece of art by Chris Uphues, who was showing at my favorite coffeeshop, Gimme Coffee. I actually thought I was getting a different heart but I adore this one and plan to buy his t-shirts as holiday gifts!

art by Chris Uphues

5. Texas! I'm off to Houston, followed by Austin, to visit old and new friends, eat cupcakes, explore, speak at the Texas Book Festival, interview Zane, and enjoy myself. I am excited to be in the sun and relax and play with adorable kids and read as many of the books I've packed as I can and hope my writing brain is inspired by it all.

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