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Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm editing the Sex Diaries book and looking for diarists from across the United States

Here's the announcement that ran in Publishers Marketplace about the book version of the sex diaries I edit. I'd love it if you'd let anyone you know who might be a good fit, especially people not in NYC or SF or LA, people who are over 40, anyone with an interesting sex life, to read a few diaries so they know what we are looking for and then contact me about this at sexdiaries at - tell me why you'd make a good sex diarist and I'll send you more information. Thank you!!!
New York Magazine's THE SEX DIARIES, based on the magazine's online column of the same name, which has been profiling the sex lives of average New Yorkers since 2007, and comprising 50 original entries from diarists ranging from young to old, conservative to liberal, coastal to middle American, impoverished to affluent, for a peek behind America's closed doors, to Jenny Wapner at Ten Speed Press, by David McCormick at McCormick & Williams Literary Agency.

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