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Monday, February 13, 2012

Bisexual cupcake enthusiast interviewed at Autostraddle

Thank you so much to Chloe at the awesome, bookmark worthy queery smart sexy site Autostraddle for interviewing me for NSFW Sunday! This is how it starts: "." Read the whole thing!

From the interview:
Bondage specifically is a really interesting topic. First of all, you can incorporate so many different material items. You can pretty much tie someone up with anything, so as erotica, I think that’s interesting. And the other part — what I’m most interested in, both personally and in writing — is the psychological side. Bondage especially lends itself to writing about the kinds of reasons that people want to be restrained or want to restrain someone else. When people can do that really well, it speaks to people who are into bondage, but it also speaks to a wider meaning, because it taps into so much more than just our sexual side — it taps into ideas about power and giving up power and who you’re willing to do that for and why.

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