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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Married people erotica, or hot champagne sex in my Best Erotic Romance story

The other day I discovered a review of my book /Best Bondage Erotica 2011 by Steve in Pennsylvania on Amazon that said:

Wished there were some stories from real couples in long-term monogamous relationships. Almost every story is kinky, disconnected sex. Empty and sad to someone like me in a good, loving marriage. Apparently, erotica doesn't exist for married couples. Unfortunate, because the stories here don't touch the excitement found in a committed, trusting relationship.

This incensed me, and I ranted on Tumblr about it. Then I started reading the new Kristina Wright anthology Best Erotic Romance, which I highly recommend, and found some pretty hot married sex in my story "Our Own Private Champagne Room," about a wife who's jealous of her husband's strip club past that she just found out about, and sets about creating the title setting, with, I think, some pretty hot results. And let me just say that I think even the kinkiest, filthiest sex can be about "lovemaking" in the sense of intimacy and connection; for me, it certainly has been, sometimes even more so than moments of what would more traditionally called "lovemaking." I'm so, so over both the division of "loving sex" and "casual sex" as well as "making love" and "fucking," not to mention the denigration of the latter, along with the bazillion other ways our culture is so damn prudish it makes me ashamed to live in it sometimes. Now, this person is totally entitled to their opinion and I wish them luck in their quest for married people erotica, but I'm over trying to engage someone like that, but I will engage you, if you're reading this.

From "Our Own Private Champagne Room" by me:

I put down the bottle and again climb up next to my husband, straddling him, and offer him a champagne-soaked nipple. He greedily takes it in his mouth. I reach for his hands and place them on my ass. He grabs me like he hasn't grabbed me in years. His lips, his hands, his cock presing up against me, are all reminders of what I want us to be like again. The fire didn't exactly go out, but it has fizzled, and only when I hear the roar release from his lips, then feel Derek tearing my nightie right down the middle, do I realize exactly how much I've missed it.

He doesn't say anything, doesn't try to reassure me with words. Instead he lifts me up, my legs wrapped around him, the wet filmy fabric clinging to me. He doesn't bring me to the bed, but instead slams me up against the wall. He keeps me pinned there while undoing his pants. "Is this what you want, Sarah? You want me right here, like this?"

"Yes, yes, yes," I cry when he shifts me just so and places the tip of his cock inside me. He is lighting the spark that is making our relationship explode, making it crackle and sizzle and burn the way it should have been all along. I know has he plunges inside me, holding me tight, his face buried in my neck, that no matter what happened in those champagne rooms, it was never like this. Derek pounds into me, overtaking me, and I cling to him, my thighs straining, my nails digging into his back.

He is fucking me, that's the only way to describe this, yet in his its way, his fucking is lovemaking too. It's the kind of fucking a couple can engage in who knows that there is no one else they'd rather be with, so they can slam and rock and thrust and claw, scream and pound and yell and bite, and be assured that the other person wants every ounce of ferocious, almost violent energy they have to share. He doesn't say anything, not even my name, just growls into my ear, a sound that's so beautiful I start to cry a little when I come. He used to tell me not to cry, but now he knows that when it happens, it means I'm so overwhelmed with not just love and lust but destiny, rightness, perfection, that I can do nothing else. I squeeze him hard, and then I come again when he starts to fill me with his passion. He stops thrusting and simply lets himself be inside me, making me his and telling me he's mine.

And if you like erotic romance, do also check out my books Passion: Erotic Romance for Women and Obsessed: Erotic Romance for Women (and guess what? both my stories, "Five Senses" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand," respectively, have, yes, married couples having sex!).

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At December 04, 2011, Anonymous Lily said...

Couldn't agree more Rachel!

Lily Lick


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