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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy early birthday to me: Women in Lust is here and it's HOT!!!

My editor copies of my 40th and hottest covered anthology, Women in Lust, arrived yesterday, a one-month-early birthday present.

I'm sending them off to my trusty reviewers, who make me super super grateful with their enthusiasm (THANK YOU to everyone who signed up, stay tuned to @raquelita on Twitter and my Tumblr for what will be more limited free book offers for Best Bondage Erotica 2012 and such in future) today and am very excited about this book, not just because I hope the cover will make it sell like crazy, but because it's so varied. I've been posting (and will catch up on all the stories this week) excerpts at and November 1-30 features 30 bloggers taking part in the virtual book tour. Here's a bit from my story "Hot for Teacher." I'll post when it's available on Kindle (and hopefully Nook too!).

This book makes a very sexy gift and is a milestone for me, especially at a time when I'm reflecting on what I do, and what I want to be doing. I'm awaiting my quarterly royalty statement and part of me tends to think, If these books don't sell, I'll find something more lucrative to do. That's what a smart person does, after all, finds the most lucrative thing and pursues it. Except that I gave up on the lucrative law career in 1999 to stumble down the path toward where I am now, and editing anthologies for me is the perfect counterpoint to writing. It's social, the way running my reading series was; it means bringing people together and learning about different ways of writing and approaching sexuality, ways I never could've conceived of on my own.

If you'd told me then I'd go on to edit 40 anthologies, with a dozen more on the way, I'd never have believed it. So I am pausing to savor this beautiful box of books, the glossy cover, the lovely words inside. I've learned a lot in this process, but there is always an infinite amount to learn, about how to actually make the stories I love reach the hands of readers, about how to stay afloat when bookstores are going out of business left and right, about trying to do things like postcards and also pay my rent. I'm looking forward to keeping on learning, and pushing myself to my limits in this new professional phase of my life.

He turned and beamed his full attention, not to mention two rows of extremely even white teeth, right at her. “If you ever have any questions, Meredith, you are more than welcome to visit me in my office during office hours. It’s totally confidential,” he said, and she wondered if she was imagining that his voice got low and intimate somehow on that last word. Were they still talking about homework?

“I think that might be helpful,” she said, meaning, in fact, I’d love to dress up for you and bend over your desk. “Well, I’ll see you soon,” she said.

“I hope so,” he said quietly, unless she’d imagined that too.

She went home and for the first time in who knows how long, she stripped down to her birthday suit and simply walked around every room enjoying the feel of the air against her bare skin. She took baths, of course, and even got massages, but those were merely utilitarian reasons for nudity. This afternoon was about her picturing herself prancing around for Professor Arthur, showing him her pendulous, large breasts, her sizeable ass, the curve of her belly, the dusting of red fuzz covering her pussy. She dyed her hair a very shiny brown, trying to fool the world into thinking her a brunette, but inside her lurked the soul of a redhead, one whose innate passion had been put on hold for far too long. Instead of taking a bath, Meredith stood in her bathroom and began touching herself the way she wanted Professor Arthur—”Ralph,” she said aloud to herself—to touch her. She began with her breasts, tweaking each one, holding up the nipples and tugging and twisting until the sight caused a corresponding tug in her pussy.

Then, staring at herself in the mirror, Meredith lifted her right breast and tucked her head down so she could suck on her own nipple. The flood of emotion and arousal was so intense she had to lean her left hand against the counter. She spread her legs, wondering if Professor Arthur was circumcised, picturing his cock as big and thick and aching just for her. She kept going, making sure to watch her every move, so that when she did go to her hot professor’s office hours, it wouldn’t be as a true schoolgirl, skittish and nervous, relying on her youthful charm and giggly giddiness, but as a mature woman who could tap into that spirit, but also had something more to offer. For all her pleated-skirt fantasies, what Meredith wanted was to be treated like a woman⎯a woman who knew exactly what she wanted, even if what she wanted was to be manhandled by a younger nerdy man who just so happened to hold her academic future in his hands.

and a little spanking teaser (this weekend I wrote a 4,000-word spanking story for my next spanking anthology called "Marks" that I'm also pleased with, and a few others are in the works, because I just can't seem to stay away from the topic in my fiction):

“When was the last time your ass got spanked, Meredith?”

She was quiet, and now tears rose to her eyes. “Never,” she whispered, and felt him again grab her ass, this time with both hands, holding her open.
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