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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

"Sex Tape Mania" sex column, or "Should I Make a Porno?"

I feel weird referring to myself in the third person, but my latest SexIs column is called "Sex Tape Mania: Should Rachel Make a Porno?

The closest I’ve come to making a sex tape so far has been letting an ex take a photo of me while I was in the middle of giving him a blowjob. We didn’t plan it, and I didn’t pose. I had my eyes closed and all of a sudden the flash went off. It was hot to me precisely because it was unexpected. I liked the idea of him looking at it later, remembering what it felt like, and jerking off.

Lately, sex tapes are in the news again, with Vivid Entertainment having been approached with a request to buy all rights to reality TV star and new bride Kim Kardashian’s foray into x-rated video with her ex, Ray J (in order to block it from being viewed further), and a hotel offering guests free service if they agree to film their escapades and broadcast them online (FYI, I’m aware that the Kardashian family gets a disproportionate number of mentions in my columns; make of that what you will).

Read the whole thing!

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