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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The official Irresistible lineup

At long, long last...the hot hot lineup to Irresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples. I'm very excited to share this varied collection of stories, which includes many authors who I haven't worked with before. There's everything from a military family to getting over trauma to a sex scandal to a strip club (yes, that's my story) and much more! More closer to the pub date, including how to sign up for a free copy to review (I do that with every book, follow me @raquelita on Twitter for details). The book will have its own Wordpress site closer to the pub date, and I promise this makes a hot Valentine's Day gift!


Twice Shy Heidi Champa
Safe for Work A.M. Hartnett
Repaint the Night Janine Ashbless
Same As It Ever Was Cole Riley
Out of Control Karenna Colcroft
Warrior Kate Pearce
Hypocrites Alyssa Turner
The Pact Elizabeth Coldwell
Exposing Calvin Rachel Kramer Bussel
Six Eyes, Two Ears Kris Adams
Renewal Delilah Night
The Netherlands Justine Elyot
Predatory Tree Craig J. Sorensen
The Mitzvah Tiffany Reisz
After The Massage Kay Jaybee
Pink Satin Purse Donna George Storey

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