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Saturday, April 02, 2011

From a bus

I'm on a bus that just landed in Washington, DC. Having lunch with my family, then heading to Silver Spring, Maryland for Momentumcon.

Lots to think about lately...I feel alternately fragile/delicate and strong and proactive. Sometimes all in a few minutes.

Not sure how much of my new personal life I'll be sharing but things are good.

Some topics I will be writing about in fiction and nonfiction format, and if they are published, I will post here:

champagne rooms
cougars (the human kind)
Kim Kardashian
flirting and sexual tension
Geneen Roth
pubic hair
Carrie Bradshaw
book hoarding
handling bad reviews
Jewish mothers

Lots in the works but I don't want to get ahead of myself, so there you go. I'm happy the sun is out and despite my running around the Lower East Side frantically, having a fit, and freaking out, I made it to DC. It's been a long day. A long week. But not an entirely bad one.


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