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Monday, March 28, 2011

"Veronica's Ass" = free erotica from Gotta Have It!

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Veronica’s Ass
by Matt Conklin

My wife, Veronica, has the sweetest ass I’ve ever tasted. I mean that both literally and figuratively. It’s curved so perfectly I can only imagine some divinity somewhere intended it to be used the way I use it, the way she likes me to use it. I’ve been with women who loved nothing more than having their nipples sucked or pussies licked; one loved to have her feet massaged and swore she could come that way.

But my Veronica is an ass girl and rightly so. When she strides out of the house wearing a clingy red dress paired with matching heels and either fishnets or bare legs (and sometimes sans panties), her ass is what gets noticed. She is a curvy, sensual woman who never misses a chance to play up her assets or let me play with them.
If we’re standing in line waiting for a movie, I’ll stand behind her and “accidentally” brush against her sweet cheeks, while she’ll find any opportunity to bend over and show off her greatest asset.

A typical morning will start with her prodding me awake, rubbing her luscious, naked body against me. She’s smooth all over, with long, silky brown hair that tickles my skin. I’m pelted all along my chest and arms, but she says she likes it, nuzzling her cheeks against my nipples, seducing me before I’ve fully woken. It’s when she turns around that I fully rise, in all senses of the word.

Her butt beckons to me, the pale, round skin so inviting. I reach for those cheeks and squeeze, and she moans. I pull them apart and she gasps. I lift my head and grab her so my tongue can nuzzle her pussy and she squats over me, her ass resting against my forehead, my tongue deep inside her wetness. I greet the day by greeting her pussy, my dick getting hard. Sometimes it wants to fuck her ass, to enter into that forbidden hole--well, forbidden for other people, not pervs like us.

Other times I’m content to simply fondle her butt, to see where it leads me. This morning, in fact, I ate her to an orgasm that had her trembling so hard she almost toppled over. She laughed as she caught herself, then turned around to kiss her taste from my lips. Her pale, lightly freckled cheeks were red, her eyes dancing as she wiggled around me. Something in me stirred and I sat up and positioned her so she was bent over the bed, ass in the air. Except as gorgeous as it was, that wasn’t enough, not at that moment.

“Step back, Veronica,” I said. “Show me that beautiful ass and your pretty pink lips.” She whimpered and did as I said, bending so her hands were wrapped around her ankles. There are times when I want to take her so hard, viciously, I suppose, even though she’s the love of my life. Maybe because we’re both so secure in what we have, we can treat each other the way some people only do in fantasy. Who knows, really?

All I know is that when I pressed her body tight to mine and slammed my cock hard inside her, she felt so tight, so perfect, so wonderful. I grabbed her asscheeks and leaned forward, maximizing the effect. “Hold on, baby,” I said, and looked down, watching as my very hard cock disappeared inside her. Somehow, even after all these years, that sight never gets old and always feels a little bit like a magic trick. Not that my dick disappears, but that it feels so damn good, like I’m a virgin again.

I feel her twisting, squeezing me inside while her hips rock just enough, and I grunt. I slap her ass, then slap her back, loving the noise, the freedom to grab her and use her in any way I please, because I know her so well. I reach for that shiny hair and tug, bending her head back, while my other hand seeks and finds her clit. I pinch it just enough to feel a corresponding tug deep inside.

“That’s it, baby, I’m gonna come soon,” I say, and we shift again so she’s back to the original position, head tilted on the bed so I can see her, hair spilling onto the sheets. Her eyes are closed, but it’s like I can see inside her mind, and I watch her as I feel my come burst out from me and fill her up. Tears spring to my eyes as I struggle to catch my breath. Veronica’s ass—her whole body, her--brings out something in me that makes me feel like I’d die happy if I died fucking her.

I pull out and we kiss softly, then less softly. She slips into her purple silk robe, then sits on my lap, but I can still feel the globes of her ass pressing against me, so warm, so delicious. “Put on your thong,” I tell her. “The one I like the best.” I know she still has my come inside her, that it’ll probably drip out and wet the fabric, and that makes me smile.

She gets up and, like a burlesque dancer, drops the robe down so I can see her perfect backside and then that ass. I want to bite it and spank it and stroke it and fuck it all at once. Instead I watch her put on the thong, then check herself out in the mirror. I see how it perfectly bisects her bottom and know that all day, when she feels it, she’ll think of me.

There are people who say it’s hard to keep the sex alive in a marriage, and maybe it is; we’ve certainly had our moments when it wasn’t smooth sailing. But whenever I’ve been even vaguely tempted to stray, all I have to do is think about Veronica’s ass to know that there is nothing better in this world. I’m a lucky man, and I make sure Veronica--and her ass--knows it.

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