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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Where to post your book trailer

I just wanted to alert anyone who's looking for places to send their book trailer to this post on Author Culture. Personally, I highly recommend Blazing Trailers, and you can also post your trailers or other videos on Red Room and SheWrites. I'm working on getting all 8 of my trailers up in one spot on my site, and also making sure they all get viewed as much as they deserve, commensurate with the cost - otherwise there's no point in my continuing to make them. Same could be said for books - I keep thinking about that "if a tree falls in the forest..." saying. Why put out books if I'm not doing everything in my power to make sure they sell?

To that end, I'll post the Gotta Have It trailer again, featuring 17 international authors. And send a little public hope out to the powers that be at that they post the Passion trailer by, I don't know, Valentine's Day. Pretty please? I'm pretty sure it will help your sales too. xoxo, book editor and frequent customer (and for those who don't care, sorry, but it's very frustrating to feel utterly powerless, because you are utterly powerless in a situation like this - a blog isn't exactly power, but it's a voice, and a way to make me feel like I am doing at least a teeny something - we made a separate video specifically for Amazon according to their guidelines and everything)

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