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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Cupcakes and Cocaine - a different kind of mommy memoir

Actually, I don't know what it's like yet, but how could I not purchase a memoir called Cupcakes and Cocaine: From Being Perfect to Being Real? It's by Brienne Joelle, and I found it on Amazon looking up cupcakes. Just ordered it, though realized I should've gotten the cheaper $9.99 e-book edition, but noticed it too late. Keep forgetting I have Kindle for iPhone. Guess what? It's, separately, also the name of a Tumblr blog.

Here's the official description from, which sounds like it should be some sort of delivery service:

In her poignant and honest memoir, Brienne shares the story of her real-life journey through the pressures of parenthood and into the darkness of drug addiction, the shame and guilt of divorce, and eventual rehabilitation.

As she accepts the gift of cocaine with the hope she will gain energy to propel her through the hectic days, Brienne narrates how she soon found herself on a painful roller coaster ride that took her from the depths of hell to a new path where she learned to embrace her imperfections, build her self-esteem, and heal her emotional wounds.

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