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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Carrie Brownstein on Portlandia

From the Washington Post:

"In a lot of communities, whether it's Williamsburg or Austin or Madison [Wis.] . . . you have these people that are very stifled and conflicted by their own sense of altruism," Brownstein says. "I think that's the underlying theme of the show. . . . A lot of comedies are based on people being bad. Ours is based on people trying to be good."

And while music remains her primary love, Brownstein says the show gives her an outlet that rock-and-roll can't provide.

"As much as I admire bands that can get to a place of sheer weirdness, that's just not the kind of music I make," she says. "I think 'Portlandia' definitely occupies a sphere of silliness and outlandishness that I would not be comfortable going with in music."

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