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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Listen to me on January 5 talk about travel sex and The Mile High Club and feminist sex on the 11th

I'm moving and updating this post...the feminist radio show was moved to January 11th.

Tomorrow, January 5th, you can listen to me on Audio Smut talking about travel sex, and, specifically, my book The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories. I read an excerpt from Matt Conklin's dirty old man story "Wild Child" (and reveal Matt's real identity) and a very cool reading, with sound effects, from "Top Banana" by Craig J. Sorensen.

I was interviewed for a feminist radio show This is What a Feminist Sounds Like and you can listen this Tuesday, January 11th at 6 pm EST (4 pm MST)>

Directions to stream live:

1. make sure your Itunes is open and updated.
2. go to
3. on the home page, you will see a radio tower on the top right corner. Click this and ITunes will pick it up almost instantly!!

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