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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Romance novel-inspired cover for new Jenny McCarthy memoir Love Lust and Faking It

Trendhunter posted this book cover back in May, but I just discovered it on the Harpercollins site - love this cover and can't wait to read the new Jenny McCarthy memoir Love, Lust & Faking It: The Naked Truth About Sex, Lies and True Romance. More information is at the HarperCollins site, and the pub date is September 28th.

I interviewed her back in 2006 for my "MILFs Gone Wild" Lusty Lady column in The Village Voice (and hope to interview her about this book, any editor types reading this!):

First, is MILF a dirty acronym? Not for everyone. Perkins is happy to see the feminine ideal switch from physical perfection to an attainable image. "As a woman in my forties with a teenage son, I'm often overlooked by guys who want the model/porn star. It's great to be an object of attention again," she states. Actress Jenny McCarthy ( likes its positive spin, claiming that seven years ago, if you were a mom in a miniskirt, "you would've been considered skanky and inappropriate. I still like dressing cute and cool." The blonde bombshell has morphed into a tell-all mama, authoring Belly Laughs, Baby Laughs, and her latest, Life Laughs: The Naked Truth About Motherhood, Marriage, and Moving On. Written in the aftermath of her divorce from director John Asher, Life Laughs finds her dishing tips on faking orgasms and "the power of the pussy," while boldly admitting she only gets aroused four days a month. McCarthy writes, "Can I be worked up to a horny place instead of waiting for those four days? Sure. But the older and busier women get the more warming up we need. Most of the time a husband's foreplay is him pulling his dick out of his pants."

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