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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Win a copy of Cake Wrecks

Over at Cupcakes Take the Cake we're taking contest entries to win one of two copies of Cake Wrecks through January's a fun, hilarious book.

If you missed it, I interviewed Cake Wrecks author Jen Yates for The Daily Beast last year:

Cake Wrecks. These two little words turned into an Internet phenomenon for 31-year-old Orlando, Florida, resident Jen Yates, who’s built a following posting pregnancy cakes, poo cakes, and all-around ugly, crazy or simply bizarre cakes on With categories such as Creepy Cakes, Mithspellings and Oh Poop, the blog serves up cakes for holidays and major life moments you didn’t even know anyone would want to celebrate with cake—like divorce.

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