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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's fitting that I was on Cheap Date because I am a cheap date

You can read more about that in my interview tomorrow at must-bookmark NYC cheap things-to-do site The Skint.

You can listen to me chatting with Cathy Erway of mouthwatering food blog Not Eating Out In New York fame and Michael Cirino on yesterday's Cheap Date radio show, shot at a pizzeria, Roberta's Pizza! The studio is just outside. We discussed whether aphrodisiacs exist, if cupcakes can be sexy, and more.

We had pizza afterwards that was delicious, one with some spicy meat (called The Beastmaster) and one with brussel sprouts! I was shocked that the foodies weren't whipping out their cameras (I smartly managed to leave mine at home). Catch Cathy Erway along with me, Emily Farris, Jenine Holmes, Rachael Parenta, Yolanda Shoshana, and Heather Whaley January 21st at Sex and Food Night at In The Flesh Reading Series. I'm working on getting us mini hot dogs!

photo by Cathy Erway

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