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Thursday, October 15, 2009

In The Flesh named Best Reading Series by Our Town

I am so grateful and excited about all the love In The Flesh Reading Series is getting. THANK YOU! To all the papers and blogs and websites that have linked to it, to everyone who's attended and spread the word, to everyone who's joined the Facebook page, etc. Also major thanks to New York Times's UrbanEye newsletter and Melena Ryzik, The Skint (and free gelato all day, unrelated to me, but why you should read The Skint), and MurphGuide.

And to Our Town for naming it Best Reading Series! This is such a huge honor. I've always said we should get "Best Snacks" but really, this review says more than I ever could. I so want In The Flesh to be a friendly, fun, perhaps surprising and/or enlightening event for EVERYONE.

Best Reading Series: In The Flesh Reading Series
Third Thursday of every month at Happy Ending Lounge, 302 Broome St. (betw. Eldridge and Forsythe)
Even though Happy Ending Lounge is most closely associated with its namesake series (which has picked up and moved to Joe’s Pub), there’s something a bit naughtier brewing at the Broome Street den of debauchery. Now in its fourth year, “In the Flesh,” hosted by Rachel Kramer Bussel, features established and up-and-coming writers sharing their frank, funny, frisky tales of love and lust. Even more impressive: the series manages to do so—for the most part—without veering into creepy territory. Tension is cut by asking the audience to anonymously submit sexy secrets, and it doesn’t hurt that Bussel provides hundreds of cupcakes and not-to-be-missed miniature peanut butter cups to lull everyone into a sugar-induced sense of security. Normally we would avoid an erotic reading series like the plague, but after venturing down here to catch a friend reading her dirty dissertation, we were charmed by the humor of the readers and crowd and not at all displeased by the fact that everything we heard was actually—surprisingly—sexy. —BVB

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At October 17, 2009, Anonymous Mike in Albany said...

Now do you believe me when I tell you how wonderful you are and how great a thing you are doing for New York. Four years is quite a good run, but if you can keep this up a little longer you and ITF will become institutions. Big thumbs up!


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