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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RIP Black Lace and Nexus

Adam Nevill, who until very recently was the erotica editor over at Black Lace and Nexus, sent these with an invitation to the wake of both imprints:

The irony of getting my author copies (but, um, no check yet) for Sexy Little Numbers, which I have two stories in, and isn't out in the US until September, didn't escape me. I haven't read it yet but it looks gorgeous and has my name on the cover.

Some Black Lace books I'm eager to read:

by two wonderful authors, Megan Hart and Lauren Dane, and the release date is my birthday, November 10th! And I liked their first joint effort, Taking Care of Business.

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At July 22, 2009, Blogger Charlotte Stein aka The Mighty Viper said...

Oh, thank you, Rachel! I have to pinch myself whenever you say something like you're looking forward to my book!

Am so looking forward to No Reservations, too. Absolutely loved Taking Care Business- so much so that I went out and bought a bunch of Megan Hart's books. So unfortunate that Black Lace is ending now, just as it gets authors like Megan Hart, Lauren Dane, Justine Elyot...and stories by yourself, Kristina Wright and Sommer Marsden that are just fabulous.

I shall miss it in more way than one.

At July 23, 2009, Anonymous Adrie said...

They'll be missed, especially as I have contributed to a few of their collections :(

RIP Nexus and Black Lace


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