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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Octopus at La Barra Cevicheria

Amazing octopus at La Barra Cevicheria

I'm probably not the most fun dining companion, unless you're also a food blogger, because I'm constantly all "Wait, I need to take a picture." Or even more annoying, "Wait, I need you to take a picture." Nevertheless, my dinner date patiently took this photo at La Barra Cevicheria the other night, before we dug into the delicious octopus. Also awesome: their spicy guacamole. We ordered the $20/person special and it was all very good, but way too much food. I recommend some guac, maybe the octopus and maybe a taco. Here's their dinner menu. Perfect place to dine after In The Flesh Reading Series (now with its very own URL), as it's just down Broome Street about 3 blocks.

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