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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Excellent blog for writers: STET!

It's been a rough week, to put it mildly. Not entirely rough, some good (read: incredibly sexy) parts, and last night I did my photo shoot with my friend Desiree at the studio of awesome photographer Circe for the 2010 Sex Blogger Calendar (last call to buy days on it and advertise your product to peope who like, um, blogger boobs).

But, um, rough would be an understatement. Behind on a million things, my royalty check from Cleis went missing and I didn't realize it so have to wait til the end of next week, stuff like that. I'm off to Minneapolis tomorrow night for a super-packed weekend. Please come check out my Erotica 101 Workshop on Sunday from 7-9 if you're inclined to do so, at Smitten Kitten - there will be handouts and cupcakes, it's $15 and you can register in the store or by calling them.

So my point is, before I write about anything here, I have other obligations/tasks, like, um, locating my keys. But here's a link to STET!, the blog of writers' organization Backspace. I love what they're posting, from author interviews, like this one with Notes from the Underwire author Quinn Cummings, to whether Amazon reviews count. Check it out. It's way more interesting and useful than my life right now. Well, the parts of my life I can share here, anyway.

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