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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ruth Fowler's stripping memoir retitled to Girl, Undressed: On Stripping in New York City

Publishing fascinates me, completely. I love walking into a bookstore and just browsing, seeing what catches my eye. I have read part of Ruth Fowler's memoir No Man's Land and found the writing outstanding - rich and deep and intense, about both stripping and New York. I plan to finish it soon; I have a little book problem, in which I start them and don't finish them. Fowler is the formerly anonymous blogger known as Mimi in New York, who also wrote for The Village Voice and The Guardian, and also got mentioned in some of the umpteen blogger book deal articles that were all the rage.

So I wonder if this will work, this play on Girl, Interrupted, the bolder, brighter color of the cover and...drawn-on boobs?

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