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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bisexuality strikes a nerve

My male bisexuality piece on The Daily Beast has been getting a lot of buzz, everywhere from Queerty to The Frisky to Gawker. Thanks to everyone who commented, Tweeted, blogged, linked it. I'll probably have more to say in the next day or two. I think the hardest part of writing it wasn't fact-checking what year that Sex and the City episode aired, but compressing everything into the allotted word count. I really hope I can get a nonfiction book deal by year's end to talk not just about "bisexuality," but about the many, many ways our system of sexual labeling and categorization just doesn't work. But that's another story.

This is after an uproar in which Village Voice blogger/gossip columnist asked, Ever Meet a Real Bisexual? then got taken to task, then apologized, concluding:

I'm well aware that bisexuals exist, and said so in my post. I was merely relaying that in my own personal experience, "most" of the people who've told me they were bi later turned out to be using that as a cover and were actually antsy gay men (and in one case there was a straight woman trying to be cool, then dropping it once lesbian chic temporarily peaked).

So of course I wasn't saying that everyone is excited about male bisexuality (or female, for that matter), but I do think there's been a major change and much more room for fluidity in the last few years.

Speaking of bisexuality, I read this fabulous post on Violet Blue's blog, with images. She writes:

...this was an exercise where a fairly big group yelled out assumptions and cultural perceptions and stereotypes about different sexual orientations. In a way, it was oddly like brand/label brainstorming. And then we discussed the results across the gender and orientation gaps, which were really interesting.

See her post for more and all the images, but I'll include below the two about bisexuality:

stereotypes + assumptions: bi female via Violet Blue on Flickr

stereotypes + assumptions: bi male via Violet Blue on Flickr

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At April 22, 2009, Blogger Brooke said...

I think reasons like these are why they came up with the word 'bicurious'. I definitely prefer men to women, but I don't think anyone can be catagorised that easily. Things aren't black and white anymore... I can truly appreciate a beautiful woman and enjoy threesomes with another girl and a guy, but don't think I'd be satisfied having a relationship with a girl.

Brooke x


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