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Friday, March 20, 2009

Quoted on!

Emily Farris (of Casserole Crazy fame) wrote about my food blog panel at SXSW for!

With the advent of companies like FoodBuzz, which advertises on food-related websites, it is possible to turn a passion for writing about food into a money-making venture—which is exactly what Bussel wants to see more of.

“I hope the panel gave people the sense that there’s room in the blogosphere for more food blogs, which I believe is true,” Bussel said. “As long as they are targeted and know exactly what their aim is.”

I'm really pleased with all the feedback I've seen; people have said the panel was very useful, and in turn I've been reading posts about food blogging that are very useful to me. I truly want to take Cupcakes Take the Cake to the next level, starting with the book proposal we're writing now. Then our 10,000th post celebration (we're about 1,700 posts away, so it'll be a while).

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