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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

First cold of the year and plotting and planning

I'm rather under the weather - my first cold of 2009. I thought it was allergies but it's now a semi sore throat, heavy head, general aches and pains that is super annoying, cause I have lots of stuff to do.

So I'm off to drink tea and huddle in the warmth, but wanted to share this crazy hot photo with you:

It's the cover of the new book Sirens of Chrome: The Enduring Allure of Auto Show Models and you can see more sexy things (though right now it's a little low on hot photos) at the Best Sex Writing 2009 blog.

Info soon on readings and such - In The Flesh is January 15th, lineup TK, reading with Susie Bright for X is January 29th in SF, superstar reading for Best Sex Writing 2009 is January 30th in Berkeley, and other Bay Area Best Sex Writing 2009 reading is February 2nd in San Francisco, and Erotica 101 Workshop is February 12th at 92nd Street Y Tribeca. More info on my calendar page.

And I'm scouting for a hotel to host the Do Not Disturb NYC book party in March, will update you when I know, it's gonna basically be a private soiree in my hotel room. I may also do one at the downtown Hilton in Austin when I'm there for SXSW. Can't wait!

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