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Sunday, November 09, 2008


Tonight at 7 at:

Union Pool
484 Union
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

How can I resist a Ramen cookoff right in my neighborhood? I don't think I'll be competing but if I'm home in time I will be checking this out. Congratulations to The Brooklyn Kitchen on their 2-year anniversary!

All dishes arrive ready to serve. There will be no heat source, sterno or otherwise.
All entries must be able to serve the 3 judges, and as always, bring more to increase your chances of popular vote
All entries must include the brick: the instant ramen noodle block that comes in most 25 cent packages of Top Ramen (Made in USA!) or equivalent.
There is no requirement for the seasoning packet, you can employ it or not
This is not a soup competition: all dishes of varying viscosity will be allowed. Thinking dessert, my ramen-loving burnout friends? Bring it, i want to taste your stoner ramen pie.
Party begins at 7, judging begins at 8. Popular vote will be determined using whatever crazy-ass method we come up with at 9ish.
There will be prizes.
UPDATE! please bring a copy of your recipe, so that we may feature it (credited, of course) on our blog!

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At November 09, 2008, Blogger Craig Sorensen said...


"Gourmet" Ramen is a specialty of mine. I wish I could make it to Brooklyn to show my wares!


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