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Monday, November 17, 2008

Calendar girls

I had fun at Friday's sex blogger calendar release party, even though I showed up late and was feeling a little weird about the whole thing. The calendar itself is gorgeous. Will I use it for anything other than a keepsake? I don't think so, but I hope you do. I just think it would be the height of narcissism for me to hang it on my cubicle wall. I'll be using a cupcake calendar, finally (last year I ordered one and it never arrived and then was sold out!). I did, however, have fun and saw lots of old friends and met readers of this blog.

If you're the comedian I met, I thought you said your blog was Cato's Crunches, but I obviously heard wrong, so write me and tell me what it is so I can follow you! I also managed to leave one of my crazy tall shoes there! Thankfully Tess, whose blog I sadly can't read anymore, saved it for me.

Here's me and Twanna. She also took a very closeup shot of my cleavage - not that I'm surprised! You should check out her latest blog post at Funky Brown Chick (like The Frisky, it's also blocked by the New York Public Library!) about her struggles with imitator Funky Black Chick. It's an important lesson for all bloggers and anyone interested in branding and self-promotion.



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