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Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm desperate for sex and music erotica ASAP!

I really, really, really need your sex and music erotica stories. This could be literally anything combining the two, from going to a concert (like in "Live Tonight" by Saskia Walker in Dirty Girls) to a music lesson (like the brilliant "Every Good By Deserves Favors" by L. Elise Bland in Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z and beyond. I need longer stories (though shorter is okay) and as creative and hot as possible. I need them today (Monday) or tomorrow (Tuesday); Wednesday by 5 pm EST at the very latest (but earlier is much better). I'll get back to you by early next week for sure. I know the pay up front is minimal but you do get royalties, the book's out in December so there's a quick turnaround, you'll be joining some great authors and perhaps most importantly, you'll have my undying thanks.

Please MAKE SURE your submission:

has your byline and story title on it
is double spaced
is indented half an inch
is all in plain black text - no bolding, no asterisks, no underline - you can use italics
American grammar
has been proofread
is on topic

If you do those things, it's very, very likely that I'll publish it (though not guaranteed). Feel free to pass this on, I need the stories ASAP as my book was due last week! I'm done with submissions for my Lust Chronicles e-book and will post the table of contents as soon as it's approved by Ravenous.

’m editing a new e-book anthology for Ravenous Romance, to be published in December 2008.

For both: 1,500-5,000 words, Times or Times New Roman, double space, indent 1/2 an inch at start of each paragraph. Unpublished work only. All characters must be over 18; no incest or bestiality. All sexual orientations/genders welcome. Send as Word Document; if you cannot send as Word Document, send as RTF or in the body of an email

SEX AND MUSIC: Erotica about sex and music, could be band/groupie, music teacher, masturbating to a hot song, making a music video, musical performance, etc. Again, looking for a wide range of scenarios as long as there is some form of sex and some form of music (use your imagination).

Send BIO and MAILING ADDRESS (either in the Word Doc or in body of your email) and WORD DOCUMENT with your submission to: (if you previously sent a story to another address, I have it) with “Sex and Music” in subject line. MAKE SURE you double space, use American grammar, put your story title/byline on the document, indent half an inch. If using a pseudonym (which is totally fine), I need your real name and the pseudonym.


PAYMENT: Authors will receive $1/page PLUS portion of the E-book and MP3 royalties. We are purchasing electronic rights for 3 years and audio rights.


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