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Friday, October 03, 2008

Apologies and thanks to the AWESOME Jay Thomas Show

I was on the Jay Thomas show this morning (at 7:35 am EST!) on Howard 100 on Sirius and it was SO FUN! We talked all about Tasting Him and Tasting Her, and they played the Spanked book trailer, and mostly I laughed a lot. What fun. I usually go into the Sirius studios (in a building I used to work in, 1221 Avenue of the Americas - also right near the about-to-open Magnolia Bakery) but Jay is in LA and so it was call in.

But, bad news, my phone died in the middle of the interview (though I was on air for a while, about 40 minutes I think), and for that I apologize to all Jay Thomas listeners and to Jay and the crew. That was totally my bad, and I didn't have my charger on me. Dumb Rachel! From now on, I will make sure my charger is with me at all times.

Listen to the Jay Thomas Show! He's freaking funny. Promise.

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