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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Calendar girl

Did I tell you I'm posing for an NYC sex blogger calendar? Well, I am. On Sunday. Not sure what I will be wearing but hopefully it'll be lacy and sexy and pretty. Maybe there will be fishnets. For sure I am going all out and taking advantage of the much-needed hair and makeup people. Aside from our recent cupcake/Vote-o-booth shoot with Hilary McHone and some headshots Stacie Joy took of me, I haven't done proper photos in a long time. I even have a photographer friend who owes me a session but I keep putting it off. Too busy, feel too fat, too off my game. But I'm gonna vamp it up on Sunday to make our calendar the best it can be.

You can't pose with us but, you can be in our calendar. Well, your blog can. Go to the site to find out how you can sponsor your very own day on the calendar. Like a holiday. And it's being shot by my fabulous friend Stacie Joy.

Here are the hotties posing with me:

Audacia Ray



Elizabeth Wood

Jamye Waxman

Lux Alptraum



Sinclair Sexsmith

Tess Danesi

Twanna A Hines

Sponsorship details:

We’d like to offer everyone, readers and fellow bloggers, the opportunity to join in the fun and excitement, as well as promote your own blog if you have one. That means for $30 you can buy a day in our calendar and personalize it. If you’re a blogger you can have your blog url on your day, or if you’re a reader, any personal message - you can wish us luck or send a greeting to your favorite blogger or celebrate your birthday or anniversary - up to 80 characters will be printed on your day. That $30 includes one pre-ordered calendar (shipping is extra) with all funds in excess of our expenses going directly to Sex Work Awareness. You can purchase as many additional days as you like depending upon availability for $10 each. Since this is a 2009 calendar, we are on an extremely tight schedule and can only sell days through October 1st, 2008. We hope you will consider this a fun and creative way to promote your blog or just as a way to share in the pleasure and excitement this project has been bringing us in our effort to make our community and world a better, more sex-positive place to live.

These are from a shoot in...I'm not even sure, but a while ago, by Celeste Smith. The bottom one is one of my favorites.

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