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Monday, June 25, 2018

Pride month newsletter giveaway: Win Twice the Pleasure: Bisexual Women's Erotica

If you're not a subscriber to my newsletter or missed the June one, read it here for some of the highlights of my trip to Berlin, my two anthology calls with fast-approaching deadlines and other news (though the ebook sales mentioned there have now ended. At the bottom there's a subscriber only Pride Month giveaway of 5 signed copies my Cleis Press anthology Twice the Pleasure: Bisexual Women's Erotica!


If you're not subscribed yet, take a moment to get on the list at left or by visiting and then enter by Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 11:59 pm EST. I always check and often notice entries from non-subscribers, which I can't select as winners, so please note that and also fill in your complete mailing address, because I also often have to discard winners who haven't filled out the full form (meaning I can't send just to 123 Main Street, I need a city, state, zip code and country if you're not in the U.S.). I'll be sending books out on Friday morning! And each month I offer subscriber only giveaways. Once again, in case you missed it, here's my June newsletter with a giveaway for subscribers at the end. And as always, if you want to help keep me in the business of editing anthologies, your reviews of my books are always appreciated anywhere and everywhere (especially on blogs, social media, Amazon, Goodreads,, Bookbub, etc.).

And if you want to check out this hot book of bisexual erotica right now, here's more information about the book, which you can buy from the following sources:

Amazon print (all countries) print (U.S.)

Kindle (all countries)


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Audible audiobook (click for free sample)
Come One, Come All

For Rachel Kramer Bussel, bisexuality is not about keeping your options open; instead it's about looking at the world and seeing a lot more sexy out there. This big book of bi explores it all--there are girlfriends and wives, husbands and boyfriends, first dates, threesomes and much more.

Daring and adventurous, the women in these stories take risks by stepping outside their comfort zones, whether by surrendering to a bodyguard in "The State," by Tahir Iqbal, or confronting "The Wife" of a male lover, only to be confronted right back in Kay Jaybee's story. These provocative characters find themselves attracted to other strong women, like "The Robber Girl" in Lori Selke's story, and to men with an unpredictable approach to seduction, like in Bussel's own "A Little Fun."

Rachel Kramer Bussel says herself, "We may think we know what we want, only to keep on surprising ourselves just when we think we have it all figured out. We are open to a wide range of sexual possibilities, whether they exist in our heads or beyond." Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it in Twice the Pleasure.
(Pardon the clunky description; I now write my own book copy and while it's not perfect, I'm far more aware of the power of this copy to make or break a book than I was back when this title was released, plus I'd never even heard of keywords back then. One thing I value about the many chances I've been given by this industry is the ability to keep growing and learning and hopefully, improving my work as an editor along with my book sales. I never take it for granted and always edit each anthology like it'll be my last, because it very well could be. A story for another day, or hopefully, never, since I'd love to keep editing anthologies for the rest of my life, but just something I wanted to note. I often cringe when I look at my old writing and sometimes at the writing on my books, but they are, for the most part, still for sale and for that I'm very grateful.)

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