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Monday, June 04, 2018

Jade A. Waters guest post on erotic poetry

Here's a guest post from Jade A. Waters about her new ebook and audiobook of erotic poetry, A Love Story, from A to Z. Head on over to Audible to listen to a free sample read by Jade herself. You can also visit her on Soundcloud to get a behind the scenes look at her recording process.

A Love Affair, From A to Z correct cover

Narrative In Verse—And In Audio!
An Audio Excerpt of A Love Affair, From A to Z

Poetry, poetry, poetry—it’s always got a rhythm to it, whether it be on the page or read aloud.

That’s why A Love Affair, From A to Z was such an exciting experience for me. Back in April of 2017, I jumped on board the A to Z Blogging Challenge, in which participants write a blog post each day for the month that corresponds to the letter of the day. But I decided I needed to put a spin on it, linking each daily poem through a narrative love story, then posting it in serial, episodic form. It was a challenge, to say the least; but when it was all done, I knew I needed to do more with it. For me, this couple’s bittersweet journey wasn’t done.

Enter my love of acting, speaking, and reading aloud—and some work with the fabulous Rose Caraway of Stupid Fish Productions on a couple forthcoming anthologies, as well as a few reading opportunities with the amazing Rachel Kramer Bussel—and all of a sudden, narration struck me as the way to go. Reading this story in verse into a microphone, then learning how to sound edit to fit not only the tempo and rhythm of the poem, but the requirements of human hearing via audiobook, was definitely an experience…one I loved every second of, and that I’m delighted to have reach your ears!

So, I’m honored to be visiting my very first editor, Ms. Bussel herself, who brought me into this wonderful writing world back in 2013 with her publication of “The Flogger” in The Big Book of Orgasms…and to now get to share an audio sample of A Love Affair, From A to Z with you. This short collection is available in audiobook and ebook, but I hope you enjoy the starter sample here!

An Audio Excerpt of A Love Affair, From A To Z
Written and Narrated by Jade A. Waters


He tells her,
“Always I will be here, love you, hold you close”
The words are a melody in her ear
The antidote to all she’s known,
The graze of his fingers over her lips
The sweetest touch
She’s been waiting for.
“Always,” she whispers back,
Her heart perched on the edge,
Waiting for him to grasp it
To clutch it close,
To honor it as deeply
As the two of them fall
Into the spell that’s lingered between them
All these hours over drinks,
All these nights they’ve been pretending
All these years they’ve been waiting,
Waiting for this.


Beautiful is how she sees it
How she’s known this, him
The silent love they’ve shared
Is the perfect bar crawl
On the longest evening
Repeated, over and over again.
The laugh that echoes between them
Is the song for all they have yet to say,
So when they begin to crash together
To melt, colliding
Into this love like they’d always known they would,
His lips on hers are honey
His breath in her ear like a rainstorm
Prickling her skin, teasing her lashes
Wrapping her up in the sanctity of what they will be.
His palms slip along the flesh of her back
Her neck, her hips, her thighs
And she is naked now, finally, for him.


She calls it—
Like the waterfall of love they’ve tried to hold back
With the world’s strongest dam is now
Tumbling, rippling, rolling,
A surge of lust and waves
Capturing them, sweeping them away
Beneath the fiercest moonlight she’s ever seen.
It’s brighter than every moonlight that’s ever shined above them
Waiting for this moment
Like they have all these years.
It’s so different from what they’d expected—
“Our first time wasn’t supposed to be like this,” he says,
And she smiles at the love, at the dreams he’s had as crystal clear as she has
When they slip closer together,
Leather scraping her knees in the back seat of his car
While they kiss so deep
Bodies pressed
Finding each other, again


Days pass by
And there is nothing but joy, pure joy
The two of them twining together
Like destiny has led them here, a silent spark
Anticipating the moment they’ll catch on, too.
His fingers stroke through her hair,
His lips taste her skin
“I love you, I love this, how is it so perfect?” he asks.
She knows, because she always has—
So she curls him closer
As she takes him in, licks at his ear to make him laugh,
Says, “Because we were meant to be,”
And he stares at her when he plunges inside
Nodding with her
Knowing her, agreeing again and again.
They begin to move like
Their bodies have been ready
For the shifts between them, the unstoppable glow
Filling their cheeks

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About Jade:
Jade A. Waters is a fiction writer, poetess, and voice over artist in California. She is the author and narrator of A Love Affair, From A to Z, and the author of the Lessons In Control trilogy. Her short erotic fiction and poetry has been featured in publications by Cleis Press, Coming Together, Fuse Literary, Cosmopolitan UK, and Stupid Fish Productions, including Best Women's Erotica of the Year (Vol. 1), Best Erotic Romance of the Year, and Best Women's Erotica 2014. Her stories have also been narrated on The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast. Find out more about Jade on her website at, or visit her on Twitter and Amazon.

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