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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Win a signed copy of Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 3

Over at Goodreads, I'm hosting a Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 3 giveaway for U.S. readers. Enter by April 15 to win one of 25 signed copies. Good luck! And follow @BWEoftheyear on Twitter and bestwomenserotica on Instagram for more giveaways around the year. As always, your reviews anywhere and everywhere (suggested locations: Goodreads, Powell's (where you can sign up to be entered to win a $20 credit if your review is selected to highlight in their Daily Dose newsletter), Amazon,, Kobo, Audible), adding the books to your wishlists and sharing posts about the Cleis Press Best Women's Erotica of the Year series help our books reach new readers and ultimately help the series grow and thrive.

I've also posted the Volume 5 call for submissions on the theme of "Outrageous." You've got until August 1, 2018 to get your stories in for consideration! I'm pouring all my editorial energy into making this series everything I've dreamed it could be. Volume 4 will be out December 11 of this year and I'm working on making Volume 5 as hot as can be too!


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Friday, March 23, 2018

My next erotica writing workshop is in Berlin, Germany in June

Updated May 6 with new registration URL While I'm in the process of launching my online erotica writing workshops (and some others around various aspects of writing), I'm still teaching the occasional live workshop. The next one will take place June 12, 2018 at Berlin, Germany feminist sex toy store Other Nature. I'm very excited about this for a few reasons, namely that Other Nature sounds amazing and I can't wait to shop there, I've never been to Berlin and German is the only language my books have been translated into. This is how the store describes itself on their site: "Other Nature is a feminist, queer-oriented, eco-friendly, vegan sex shop in Berlin Kreuzberg. We’re not your average sex shop. Bring your mum." Need I say more? I am leaving room in my suitcase for my shopping finds (and will be sharing photos and stories on my Instagram and the Best Women's Erotica Instagram so make sure you're following both!).

The workshop details and registration are on Other Nature's website. Class size is limited to 18 people so if you'd like to take it, please register sooner than later. If you know anyone in Berlin who might be interested, please pass this on. Thanks! And if you want an individual consultation on your erotic short story, novella or novel, you can work with me via my site - I'll be available to work with new clients starting April 1, 2018.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March giveaway: Win a signed copy of Fast Girls: Erotica for Women

As part of my March 2018 newsletter, I'm giving away five signed copies of one of my favorite anthologies, Fast Girls: Erotica for Women (scroll to the end of the newsletter for the giveaway). Also make sure you mark my address as one you want in your inbox so the newsletter doesn't go to spam, because I do giveaways every month. The giveaway is open internationally; enter by March 22 and make sure you include the same email address you're subscribed with along with your complete mailing address. Many people enter with only something like "123 Main Street" and no town or zip code so I move on and pick another winner.

Here's a taste of the book from the bubble bath book trailer:

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Friday, March 09, 2018

BDSM erotica sale this week only: Yes, Sir is $1.99!

It's time for another cheap erotica sale from my publisher Cleis Press! This week only, my BDSM erotica anthology Yes, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission is only $1.99 from U.S. ebook retailers.

Yes Sir Bookpromo

There are more sales coming this year, including one in April, on my anthologies and you can find out as soon as they happen by following me on BookBub. For now, don't miss Please, Sir, which is full of kinky, sexy stories and makes a perfect treat for yourself or a gift for someone else. Buy it for $1.99 through Sunday, March 11 for the following services:

Kindle U.S.


Google Play


Reading this after March 11, 2018 and missed out? You can check the links above as sometimes the sale prices get extended by a few days. Do make sure you're following me on BookBub so you never miss a sale. Subscribe to my monthly newsletter for book giveaways every month too!

Here's more about Yes, Sir: How bad do you want to be bound, gagged, spanked, or slapped? How bad do you want to pant, gasp, scream, and squirm? How bad do you want to turn over some part of yourself to a man just dying to strip you bare and take you somewhere you've never been? Here you'll find all sorts of women for whom their own personal "Sir"s (or Masters or Daddies) hold the reins to their erotic pleasure. For them, saying yes (or a bratty, defiant "no" for which they'll be duly punished) is as powerful as a good, hard smack on the bottom. Playing at "Sir," let's these players take their kinky to a whole new level.

Table of contents:
The Art of Darkness * Alison Tyler
Dear Professor Pervert * Donna George Storey
A Necessary Connection * Debra Hyde
The Editor * Amanda Earl
Ribbons * Kathryn O'Halloran
The Day I Came in Public * D. L. King
Lunch * Elizabeth Coldwell
When Penny Met Harry * Stan Kent
The Power of No * Teresa Noelle Roberts
In the Corner * Sommer Marsden
Stuck at Work and Late for a Date * Chelsea Summers
Running Wild * Shanna Germain
Pink Is the Enemy * Jocelyn Bringas
Sitting on Ice Cream * Lisette Ashton
Under His Hand, I Blossom * Nikki Magennis
Make Me * Rachel Kramer Bussel
Body Electric * Lisabet Sarai
Reclaiming the Sofa * Maddy Stuart
How Bad Do You Want It? * Gwen Masters

Introduction: Ready to Say Yes (Sir)

When I started working on Yes, Sir, I didn't expect the title phrase to be taken as a literal motto, but more as a call to arms (or rather, to surrender one's arms) for submissive women who seek out dominant men. I intended Yes, Sir and its companion volume Yes, Ma'am to be the bottoms' answers to my previous collections, He's on Top and She's on Top, to showcase our fantasies, desires, and deepest wishes. I wanted those of us who love to be tied up, spanked, blindfolded,bound, or "used" for another's pleasure, to tell it like it is, to explore why and how we get off in these ways, and the authors presented here gave me what I was looking for--and more.

Here you'll find all sorts of women for whom their personalSirs (or Masters or Daddies) hold the reins to their erotic pleasure. For them,saying yes (or a bratty, defiant no for which they'll be duly punished) is as powerful as a good, hard smack on the ass. They give up control in all kinds of ways, letting their doms decide who they'll fuck to when they'll come, to which color panties are acceptable--and which aren't. In one of these stories (you'll have to keep reading to figure out which one), playing at Sir, having your lover become the Sir of your dreams when real life may dictate otherwise, lets the two players take their kink to a whole new level.

Some are old pros at BDSM, and have had many masters, while for others, the language of domination and submission is a novelty. They may not know exactly why they thrill to being told what to do, but they now for sure that they like it, as in the case of the newbie in "Sitting on Ice Cream."D.L. King's Libby overcomes her natural shyness in "The Day I Ca me in Public,"proving that the very acts she first scoffs at are ones that give her no end of delight. It's almost as if the doms who enter their lives see the potential for submission in these women, and want to bring it forth for their own naughty motives, along with making the women come harder than they ever have before.

The inherent power dynamics of the classroom are brought to light in Donna George Storey's "Dear Professor Pervert," a story in which, once official class time ends, the real learning (about everything from masturbation to butt plugs) begins, as well as in Lisabet Sarai's "Body Electric," wherein a prominent professor shows a colleague his very intriguing "apparatus." In Sommer Marsden's "In the Corner," the man who first introduced Amelia to kink lures her away from her current "nice guy" date.

These women aren't pushovers by any means. They make rules and negotiate with their masters, though sometimes they also get off on being pushed just a little too far by men they know they can trust. In "The Art of Darkness," Alison Tyler writes, "Once Killian understood my fear, his mission became not to save me from my phobia, but to exploit it, every chance he could." She objects, but when she finally surrenders, she experiences a whole new world, where a blindfold is the path to ecstasy. And the woman who lets herman dictate her meals in Elizabeth Coldwell's delicious "Lunch"? Well, she knows exactly what she's doing. "I could go home and just tell Michael I'd done as he instructed. But he would know. He always knows when I try to disobey him,however careful or sneaky I try to be." In other words, she's not doing what he says simply because he says it, but because something inside her gets off on obeying. So too in Shanna Germain's story, the protagonist makes an active choice to go where her inner ache to submit compels her: "'Follow,' he said.Something in me resisted, but the power of his voice, the way he walked away from me as though he knew I would trail after him, made it so I couldn't say no." And the woman getting fucked on the sofa in Maddy Stuart's short, sexy tale flinches at the words slut and whore, even as her body responds to them. This duality, with the brain protesting but the blood rushing to the surface, is also part of the thrill of submission, especially for strong,powerful women.

These writers make clear just how much their characters get off when they say "Yes, Sir," whether literally or figuratively. Sure, they maybe doing their masters' bidding, but the masters are often doing the subs' bidding, in their own way, as well, making them ache, moan, quiver, and, yes,come. They know just how to draw out their subs' pleasure (and pain), how to make the most of a woman whether she's on her knees, or bent over, or at her computer waiting for the next command. They know that denial, temptation, and frustration can be the most arousing acts of all. They know that, as Teresa Noelle Roberts puts it, "The Power of No" can often be just as hot as the power of yes.

Gwen Masters asks in her title, "How Bad Do You Want It?" I turn that question over to you, dear reader. How bad do you want to be bound, gagged, spanked, or slapped? How bad do you want to have your hair pulled, your nipples clamped,your body strung up? How bad do you want to pant, gasp, scream, and squirm? How bad do you want to turn over some part of yourself to a man just dying to strip you bare and take you somewhere you've never been? I don't know about you, but I want all of those things, very much, and, I'm thankful to say, I (and you)have them all right here. Just turn the pages, and be prepared not to get up for a good long while.

Rachel Kramer Bussel
New York City

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