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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

See you February 13 in Washington, DC for my Best Women's Erotica reading!

I hope to see many of you at my February 13 reading in Washington, DC at Politics and Prose at The Wharf, 70 District Square SW. It's for the love of my literary life, the Best Women's Erotica of the Year series. I'll be reading with Volume 3 contributors Thien-Kim Lam, Sommer Marsden and Lynn Townsend. I've never met any of them in person and only heard Thien-Kim when we recorded a podcast together, so I'm especially excited. Plus I got to visit Politics and Prose in November and it was lovely and in a charming area (visit The Wharf's website to learn more).

Now for favor time: even if you're not in DC, could you let anyone you know in the area who'd like a sexy evening before Valentine's Day know? Here's a handy Facebook event page link. Even if you can't make it, please indicate you're interested on Facebook so more people see the listing.

Best Women's Erotica Washington DC reading

We'll be sharing story excerpts, writing inspiration and I'll be dishing tips on how to get published in the series and revealing the theme for Volume 5. I decided not to run myself ragged and do a book tour, which was too much for me last year and that showed in turnout. Especially since I now work part-time, I have to balance having a job with book promotion.

I also swore last year I wouldn't do events at this time of year because the cold often keeps people away but I couldn't resist the chance to do a Valentine's Day timed event. I truly appreciate any help you can give in spreading the word! I am excited for my book to be displayed front and center in the store in the time leading up to the reading and to hopefully entice those curious about the genre to try it. My other goal, though, is to get more bookstores to see that erotica isn't something people only read on their e-readers in private. That people want diverse, creative, hot and sexy stories and aren't ashamed of it. So getting a good turnout at this reading will show both this particular bookstore and others that the genre is thriving and should be far more visible than it usually is.

And I want to say thank you to everyone who's read or listened to any part of the series. I'm working on making it even bigger and better and drawing more readers so that down the road I can afford to do even more readings and giveaways and outreach and all of those things that take time and money. But for the next 13 days, I'm focused on making this reading as successful as I possibly can. I'll be posting photos and video on the Best Women's Erotica Instagram account if you can't make it.

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Erotica giveaway of Flying High: Sexy Stories from the Mile High Club for newsletter subscribers:

I finally sent out my January newsletter. At the bottom, there's a giveaway to win one of 10 signed copies of my anthology Flying High: Sexy Stories from the Mile High Club. Act fast because the giveaway, which is open internationally. ends on Sunday. You MUST be subscribed to the newsletter to be eligible, so if you're not, head over to and subscribe. I'll be sending the books in my pretty new logo mailers! And today, January 31, is the deadline for my U.S. only Goodreads giveaways of Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 2 and On Fire: Erotic Romance Stories. Good luck!


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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sexy weekend sale: On Fire: Erotic Romance Stories is $1.99

If you follow me on BookBub, you already know that my anthology On Fire: Erotic Romance Stories is only $1.99 this weekend! If you don't follow me and you like ebook sales, you should! Here's where to get it:




Google Play


RKB Book Promo On Fire

Here's what On Fire is about:
In On Fire, today's top erotic romance authors don't skimp on love or lust¾they are entwined in tales that will make pulses pound and hearts race. Bestselling editor Rachel Kramer Bussel takes us inside the passions of couples who go above and beyond in their pursuit of sexual and romantic satisfaction, exploring the racy to the outrageous during their many arousing adventures. You'll treasure the sex toy exploration in "Every Second of It," find paranormal pleasure in "Masquerade," and be transported to "A Place As Beautiful As This." You'll go "Beyond the Blindfold," find out what lurks in the "Art of Darkness," and delight in discovering "The Sweetest Thing." These steamy stories by Kristina Wright, Delilah Devlin, Giselle Renarde, Kay Jaybee, Victoria Blisse, Jade A. Waters and others are perfect intimate reads to enjoy with your lover or for your own pleasure.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

3 erotica book giveaways - enter now!

I've been busy promoting my favorite thing I've ever worked on, the Best Women's Erotica of the Year series (check out our blog), prepping for my February 13 reading at Politics and Prose at The Wharf in Washington, DC and getting that much closer to launching my new online erotica writing class (stay tuned, it's happening in the next month or two!) so this blog has gotten neglected. But there are three book giveaways happening right now I wanted to share, and I'll be doing a newsletter giveaway for January of Flying High: Sexy Stories from the Mile High Club so make sure you're subscribed. Here's the current places where you can win, all U.S. only:

Win Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 3 from Romancing the Book! Enter by January 13.

Win Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 2 signed by me at Goodreads! Enter by January 31.

Win On Fire: Erotic Romance Stories signed by me at Goodreads! Enter by January 31.

And if you've won a book of mine or read it otherwise, your reviews are very much appreciated. They help me reach new readers and guide me in making selections for future books.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Win a signed copy of spanking erotica book Bottoms Up - enter by January 3!

If you're on my mailing list you'll know I sent out a bonus end of the year newsletter with a giveaway of 5 copies of my spanking erotica anthology Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories. If you're not a subscriber, please subscribe at (and tell your sexy book-loving friends to subscribe too!), then enter here by January 3, 2018. Yes, like all my newsletter giveaways, it's open internationally. That's all! Plus here's a look at the fun logo mailer I'll be sending the winners' books in:


If you know anyone who likes erotica, please tell them to subscribe to my newsletter and enter!

I sent that extra newsletter partly because there was an ebook sale I'd just found out about (you can keep track of those by following me on BookBub; about every 4-6 weeks one of my titles goes on sale for $1.99) and partly because I'd found a stash of books I wanted to give away, but also as a THANK YOU for reading my work. This is a very lonely business even though I work with authors around the world, I do almost all of it at home, alone.

Plus I've now been in editing anthologies for 14 years and I feel very, very lucky that not only do I get to continue to do so and that they reach stories all across the country (a bookstore in Alaska picked up Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 2!), but that last year I had the best book sales I've ever had. I couldn't do that without you, so I'm very grateful and will be giving away books every month of 2018 via my newsletter. I skipped a few months in 2017 because I was depressed and overwhelmed by life but I'm determined that even if I have those feelings again, I will make good use of my Mailchimp list, and not just because it costs me $30/month. I got into this work because I love connecting with people and that's what I want to keep doing. Plus I'm a weirdo who loves going to the post office.

I just ask that if you win please consider leaving a short review on Amazon, Goodreads or anywhere else (and that goes for any of my books that you read your reviews help my books reach more readers, which helps give me funds to do more giveaways and events like my February 13 Washington, DC Best Women's Erotica reading!).

Also I'll have two U.S. only giveaways going up on Goodreads soon so follow me on Twitter and Facebook and check out the next newsletter for details on those. Happy reading and good luck!

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