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Monday, June 06, 2016

Read this: Inked: Sexy Tales of Tattoo Erotica

Every since I got my first tattoo, I've wanted to write a tattoo erotica story, and have not quite managed to yet. So I was thrilled to see new publisher Sexy Little Pages put out a call for stories about tattoos and loved the final result, Inked: Sexy Tales of Tattoo Erotica.


Here's my review:
As someone who sports three tattoos, I loved everything about this collection, which captures the rush of giving and getting tattoos, as well as the allure of the tattooed bad boy, executed exquisitely in "Uncovering Heather" by Victoria Blisse. What I really appreciated was that each story took such a different angle, and the stories featuring tattoo artists truly valued the artistic work involved. The writing is gorgeous as well; I especially liked the line in "Venomous Ink" by Alain Bell about a woman being tattooed going into "that happy place where pain becomes a sensuous caress." I also loved the misunderstanding inherent in "Scissoring" by Annabeth Leong, a first-time lesbian sex story that has twists and turns and is hot as can be. Whether or not you have tattoos or think they're sexy, this book is worth checking out for the hotness factor and creative, often tender, moments between characters. They bring the tattoos to life without making them fetishes or their wearers caricatures.

And here's the official blurb:
This superb collection of erotic stories will have you squirming in your seat! Inked contains first tattoos in Company Ink and first times in Scissoring. An intrepid ink artist crosses galaxies to save mankind in The Voron-Kali Emperor’s New Clothes whilst closer to home, a sub make a lifetime promise to her Master in Commitment.

In Venomous Ink, a vibrant tattoo shows there’s much more than meets the eye whilst an art student longs to ink the object of her desire with her permanent markers, in Sign Your Name. An uptight commuter finds herself attracted to her polar opposite in Uncovering Heather, while the ultimate Dom looks to get what he deserves in Her Midnight Roses.

And in Nine Lives, a top tattoo artist has never forgotten one particular customer and when they reconnect, she discovers he has new ink for each new life.

Edited by Anna Sky, Inked contains nine sexy and provocative stories from Gregory L. Norris, Annabeth Leong, Victoria Blisse, Zak Jane Keir, Harley Easton, Jillian Boyd, Alain Bell, Lilya Loring and Katya Harris.
Check it out!

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