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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

LitReactor student success story in new Ylva anthology Order Up: A Menu of Lesbian Romance and Erotica

I love getting to crow about my amazing erotica writing students, and am thrilled that just as I wrapped up my latest LitReactor online class yesterday (I'll be teaching there again in 2017), I can share news that a student from a previous class, CK Combs, has a story in the new Ylva Publishing anthology Order Up: A Menu of Lesbian Romance and Erotica edited by R.G. Emanuelle and Andi Marquette.


You can read an excerpt from "Daddy's Little Appetizer" and get some behind the scenes insights into Kyle's writing process over at Butchtastic. I was sharing this call for submissions all over the place because I love food as a theme and thought this was such a fun idea and am thrilled that what started as a homework assignment in our LitReactor class is now a published story for the world to read.

From the post: "I didn’t just want the food to be somewhere vaguely in the area of the two characters. I wanted the menu to be real, the steps and timing in preparation to be accurate. I wanted the reader to be able to imagine the dinner on the table, the setting and music and characters to come alive."

Official book description from Ylva:
Join Chef R.G. Emanuelle and sous chef Andi Marquette as they return to the kitchen to cook up another menu in their continuing quest to explore the sensuous qualities of food and illustrate how the act of preparing and eating it can engage much more than simply taste and smell. Food can become many things, from a gateway to greater intimacy to the creation or rediscovery of a connection. To help them in their quest, Andi and R.G. rounded up another group of cooks who created an array of dishes and meals, which they present to you here in a menu that ranges from sweet and romantic to sultry and seductive, from a relationship’s first tentative taste to the many layers of one that has simmered long and slow.

Each story also ends with a recipe. Some require cooking implements while others are whimsical accompaniments that don’t require cooking at all—at least not in the traditional sense. After all, food serves as more than sustenance—it’s a trigger for love, laughter, sex, pleasure, and carnal and sensory satisfaction. Whatever your palate prefers, you’re sure to find something tasty here.
You can also enter to win a copy of this hot new book here (deadline is June 16 at 9 pm EST).

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At June 15, 2016, Blogger Kyle said...

Thank you so much for the shout-out, Rachel. I enjoyed your class so much and I'm definitely recommending it to anyone who wants to get into or improve on their erotic writing.


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