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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

My new short story "Triple Threat" in Kristina Wright's The One Who Got Away

I'm thrilled to share that just in time for Valentine's Day, I have a brand new short story titled "Triple Threat" out in Kristina Wright's anthology The One Who Got Away. It's out today in paperback and ebook (I link to Amazon via their affiliate program, meaning I get a small fee if yo purchase through my links, but I also encourage you to ask for the book at your local bookstore). Here's more about the book:
We all have... that One, the one who got away. The one we fell for or simply were attracted to, but we never got. That One, but not necessarily The One, at least not the first time around. That One who slips into our fantasies late at night when we’re feeling melancholy or nostalgic. Maybe we took a chance once and it simply didn’t work out. Maybe we never took the chance... and we wish we had. We all have the name of the One Who Got Away tattooed on our heart, always with us, never forgotten.

There is something hopelessly romantic about the idea of connecting with a long lost love. This luscious Cleis Press collection of second chance stories celebrates longing and loves that, whether by fate or by design, are at last requited and fulfilled.
And isn't the cover hot?


Here's a very brief teaser from my story, which is about jealousy, polyamory, love lost and happy endings.
I used to think I knew everything in my twenties. Now, in my early forties, I can laugh at my younger self, who’d race from bar to bar, bed to bed, living utterly in the moment. I rarely stopped to think what would happen after last call, after the sun came up, or whether all those late nights and flings would catch up with me.

Then I fell for Luke, with his big brain, big body, big dick and the most self-confidence I’ve ever seen in anyone. He would walk into a room—any room—and be sure that everyone would want to talk to him, if only he gave them the chance, which he did, most nights. He’d close out bars, with men and women alike buying him drinks, eager to soak up a few moments of his brainpower, of those pale blue eyes and soft as silk hair—well, maybe that was me. I couldn’t get enough of that rumbly voice, of the way everything he said made me look at the world around me in new ways. He made me swoon before he even kissed me, so you can only imagine what he was like in bed. The only problem?
Read the whole story in The One Who Got Away!

Here's the table of contents:

The One Who Got Away
Introduction: Always on my Mind
Homecoming by Alex Tobin
Again by Renee Luke
Polygot by Skylar Kade
Sunshine by Emerald
Overexposed by Brandy Fox
How to Get Your Wife Back in Only About a Million Steps by Claire de Winter
Proof by Mia Hopkins
The One Who Came Instead by Tamsin Flowers
In the Dark, so Bright by Laila Blake
Triple Threat by Rachel Kramer Bussel
A Few Grey Hairs by H. Keyes
Photographs by Jillian Boyd
Danish Affair by J. Crichton
Beginnings and Endings by Kristina Wright

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