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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hello from your "erotic fairy grandmother"

A few awesome things converged around my recent Washington, DC erotica writing workshop. One is that I learned just how much a store like Lotus Blooms appreciates its teachers. I got a small bonus for all the promotional posts I did about it, which felt awesome. I've been reading and listening to podcasts all about using your strengths, talents and passions to further your creative career. That's what I do; I'm a sharer—some would obviously say an oversharer. But I don't apologize for it, and to be financially rewarded for it felt like my career and my passions and my life were all in alignment.

I was also thrilled that Lotus Blooms booked the upstairs of the bar across the street, The Black Squirrel. It was a wonderful little area, complete with bartender. We were a relatively small group, I think about 12 or so, but the perfect size for the setting and for those who wanted to share to be able to.

One of the places I did my outreach to was the website Brightest Young Things, and their writer Kaylee did a fabulous review of my erotica writing class. I love that she called me "our erotic fairy godmother for the evening" and you should read her piece to get her take on the workshop. Key words: "A Freddy Vs Jason love story."


Speaking of teaching, I'm just about halfway through my latest LitReactor Between the Sheets class and am looking ahead to 2016. I'll be announcing a new event soon, and will teach both erotica writing and nonfiction sex writing workshops on April 1st for CatalystCon in Chicago (though you don't have to attend CatalystCon to attend my workshops). Beyond that, nothing is finalized, but I am working on launching new events and classes, so stay tuned by reading this blog, @raquelita on Twitter and/or subscribing to my monthly newsletter at

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