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Monday, August 10, 2015

6 hot new erotica books I just bought for my Kindle

As I gear up to teach my 3 upcoming erotica writing classes for LitReactor, CatalystCon and SHE (Sexual Health Expo), I'm reading a lot of erotica, and ogling sexy covers. Here are 6 new ebooks that are waiting for me on my Kindle when I get through my workday. Realistically, they may have to wait for next week's flight to the beach, but they are waiting for me and I look forward to digging in. While I have not read them yet, I am 99.99% sure they are full of hotness based on reading and being a fan of the authors/editors/subjects, so feel safe in recommending them. Full disclosure: I purchased all of these on Amazon (which I'm linking to below), save for Dirty, which I was given a free copy of by the author.

Coffee: Hot
edited by Victoria Pond (Circlet Press)

Coffee: need I say more? I drink it every day and even though I've cut back from 2 cups a day to 1, and will do a very happy dance the day I find out I'm pregnant and can't drink it any more (even though a part of me will desperately yearn for it), I still am a coffee lover at heart. So how could I not swoon over this concept? Official description below and click here for a free excerpt.
Coffee-flavored erotica! Taste the bitter roast when a barista brews alone at closing time and is joined by coffee’s physical manifestation. Roll the rich smoothness of steamed milk along your tongue while spies hide from the enemy and pass the time in tense pleasure. In this anthology of speculative erotic fiction featuring coffee shops, COFFEE: HOT, editor Victoria Pond brings together nine authors to explore coffee’s connection with the erotic fantastic.

Alcohol and erotica were frequent bedfellows in the 20th century, but now we’re well into the 21st! Imbibing caffeine causes no hazy field of impaired judgement, and coffee shops are places to stimulate the mind and to socialize with all sorts.

This volume contains stories ranging from Victorian London to a far-flung space station, from the quiet to the action-packed, from two-person sex to tentacles. (Wondering how there can be coffee shop erotica with tentacles? Read “Dark Roast” by Justin Josh to find out.)

Readers love curling up in oversized plush chairs to read in cafes. Authors are drawn to working in coffee shops. But what hides beneath the milk-steamy surface of this glorious addiction? In a world where everyone is over-familiar with the steamer’s whir and the roaster’s aroma, drinkers forget to stroke the glazed porcelain that holds their caffeine and radiates its warmth through their hands and into their hearts.

COFFEE: HOT features work by Django Wexler, Rebecca Croteau, Owen James Franks, Justin Josh, Axa Lee, K.L. Noone, JJ Poulos, Greer Thompson, and Avery Vanderlyle. Their stories take a setting we know so well and transform it into something magical once again.
Wetware: Cyberpunk Erotica
edited by Violet Blue (Digita Publications)

To be perfectly honest, I don't actually know what "cyberpunk" means exactly. I may spend the majority of my life glued to my iPhone and know how to blog but I'm not really a techie. But that makes me all the more excited to read this anthology edited by the incomparable Violet Blue, whose work I always enjoy. One thing I've found so thrilling about the erotica genre is that a good story is a good story, especially when it surprises you. You don't have to know exactly what's going to happen before you start reading. In fact, I'd venture it's probably better not to know and let the writing whisk you away. Which is what I plan to do with this book! Official description below.
Cyberpunk anti-heroes face global conspiracies, misused government R&D, thugs, drugs, true love, artificial intelligence, and vengeful sexbots in this collection's heady mix of sci-fi and sex.

Wetware shows how hot "high tech low life" can get when it's spiked with all the glittering and frightening possibilities of cyberpunk. Seven unpredictable stories depict hackers, transhumans, androids, pop stars, armed revolutionaries, government contractors and more who discover that sex is hotter with hacked, stolen and renegade tech -- especially when it's a high-risk proposition.

Some erotica writers have ideas, others have visions. Love is a side-effect of stolen, weaponized biotech in "Bishop to King's Pawn, Two" by Thomas S. Roche. In "Synthetic Skin" by Kendra Jarry, a government contractor steals secret field hardware for the sole purpose of seduction. A brainwave hacker's conquest in a club bathroom stall takes a turn in Cecilia Tan's "Rough, Trade."

Lines are crossed and re-crossed when the household helper bot in Devyn X. Sands' "Never Say No" has had enough of her owner's perversions. "Sixty-Five Night" by Stephen Stavros charts a dangerous AI experiment that pushes one woman into a seedy neon ghetto for a public transhuman sexual encounter -- under the shadow of a murder conspiracy.

Cyberpunk's sexuality has always been transgressive and prescient; this collection brings the genre's tradition into the current state of cyberpunk affairs. Wetware isn't a typical erotica collection, nor is it a typical sci-fi anthology. It's also a rich celebration of hacker and cyberpunk culture, within the hallmarks of this culture's rich and diverse sexualities and genders. It's a tech-savvy, philosophically-rich, erotic anthology artfully spiked with cyberpunk-themed cocktail recipes and recommendations for sexy cyberpunk films, books, and anime.

Blue's introduction "Coded in Spirals and Pheromones" features story excerpts in an essay examining cyberpunk sexuality, and how our fantasies of a gilded cyberpunk future have arrived -- while at the same time, something has gone horribly wrong with the way technology was supposed to empower us. Blue explains exactly why "it is our growing sense of things gone terribly wrong that gives the stories here their power, anchored in one of cyberpunk's most defiant agents of change: Sex."

This book contains adult situations, including BDSM, domestic discipline, gender fluidity in sexual situations, backdoor and oral play, power exchange, role-play, spanking, bisexual men, and explicit scenes. The book also depicts non-monogamous relationships and sexual activity (and penetration) involving more than two individuals.

Table of Contents

* Introduction: Coded in Spirals and Pheromones by Violet Blue
* Bishop to King's Pawn, Two by Thomas S. Roche
* Liquid Exploits: The Gibson Engine
* Rough, Trade by Cecilia Tan
* Say Cyber One More Time: Sexy Cyberpunk Films
* Dangerous Circuitry by N.T. Morley
* Liquid Exploits: Tschunk!
* Grinding by Janine Ashbless
* Say Cyber One More Time: Adult Cyberpunk Books
* Never Say No by Devyn X. Sands
* Liquid Exploits: Zero Couth
* Sixty-Five Night by Stephen Stavros
* Say Cyber One More Time: (Sexier) Cyberpunk Anime
* Synthetic Skin by Kendra Jarry
wrecked cover
by Corrine A. Silver (Totally Bound)

I met Corrine A. Silver at CatalystCon East last year, and have since published her short stories in The Big Book of Submission and Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica. I've been incredibly impressed with her command of BDSM and I love that this is the first in a serial, she uses the word feminist in her marketing, and it alternates the hero and heroine's points of view. I started this on my flight back from Thailand and am looking forward to having time to finish it, because it's plenty hot. Official description below.
“The first year is the most traumatic.” Leda’s medical school advisor’s words seemed like the words of a retiring blowhard, until she met Xander.

What starts as a tutorial in anatomy quickly evolves into Xander’s desire to possess Leda. While she is drawn to him, wants to give in and experience sharp passion unlike any she has ever known, she has reservations. Can a feminist, a modern independent woman truly be a sexual submissive? Why is he holding back? What is the dark past that Xander is hiding from her? And ultimately, can she trust him—with her body and her heart?

Xander wasn’t looking for a submissive, but his attraction to Leda is undeniable. He tries to follow caution, but ultimately he has to take her, subdue her, at her insistence. The more he opens himself up to her, though, the more his past comes back to haunt him, with nearly catastrophic events when his former lover shows up at their door on New Year’s Eve. How can he keep and protect Leda from all the risks of his kink, when he knows he is the biggest threat to her wellbeing?
In Her Closet (The Lust Diaries Book 1)
by Tasha L. Harrison (Dirtyscribbler Press)

This book isn't as brand new to the market as the others, but The Lust Diaries is a series I've been eager to read, after enjoying her prequel story A Slant of Light. After all, it involves a sex blogger, so of course I'm intrigued. You should follow @tashalharrison on Twitter because she posts about sales on her books.
Entertainment columnist Yves Santiago unapologetically lives her life as carelessly as a man. Her day job keeps her flush in men, with few regrets and even fewer mistakes. By night, she details her exploits on her anonymous sex blog, Lust Diaries.

Yves leads a happy, delightfully filthy life. Until she meets nonfiction editor Elijah Weinstein.

Moss green eyes, sun-kissed shoulders and a mouth so damn sensual that it should have a NC-17 rating, this perfectly suited and coiffed, Fifth Avenue prince is everything she never wanted yet can't resist. He methodically lays waste to the walls she's built around herself, looking to get closer to the real Yves Santiago.

With the the promise of a fairytale turned real, Yves must dig into the depths of her past. But once she shakes out the skeletons in her closet, will she be ready for all Elijah has to offer?
First Time: Ian's Story
by Abigail Barnette (Amazon)

Barnette is the pen name of writer Jenny Trout, whose extremely kinky, fascinating The Boss series (as Barnette) I've been enjoying, and have a forthcoming piece at Salon mentioning one of them. What intrigued me about this new title is that it's being released as two books, one from Ian's point of view, and one from Penny's, which ties into an exercise I teach in my LitReactor class, so made me especially excited to see how she pulls it off. I'm starting with Ian. Official description below.
Newly divorced and romantically pessimistic, Ian Pratchett doesn’t know why he’s been set up with Penny Parker. She’s unrelentingly positive, utterly superstitious, and sexually inexperienced—everything Ian is not. But when sparks fly between them, Ian sees the possibility of a life he’d given up hoping for…with a woman he would never have expected.
by Martha Davis (Loose Id)

I have to once again confess to my ignorance: I barely know what incubi and succubi are, but I know that Martha Davis is a powerful writer whose work I've published in The Big Book of Submission, and I always like to read longer pieces from my authors. I also like to push myself to try new subgenres I might not have tried otherwise. Plus that cover! Read a free excerpt here.
In Buckhead, the lavish, eclectic heart of downtown Atlanta, incubi and succubi fill the dungeons and private rooms of Kiss, an elaborate BDSM club where the lascivious go to explore their every taboo fantasy. But there are vampires on the loose – cold, dead, unnatural beasts that consider incubi/succubi blood top-of-the-line furnace quality and they are desperate to obtain it.

Orchid Teixeira, a young widowed succubus who wants a better world to raise her two-year-old daughter Itati in is not afraid to get her hands dirty to see those she loves safe. But the sheer number of vampires suddenly on the streets she calls home, leave both her and the supernatural mafia she clings to more than a little overwhelmed.

Federal Agent Max Hawthorne suddenly appears claiming to investigate the vampire influx, but he seems to be spending more time either trying to get into Orchid’s panties or arresting her than he is exterminating the vamp problem. Why is he really in Atlanta and why is he so dedicated to chasing Orchid? Is he hungry for her or is it her biological skill set he covets, and why can’t Orchid stay away from him?

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